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  • hello where can I buy a z50,s mini bike and what is the price for one unit. please reply thank you.
    Hello Toycartony,

    The only 8HP engine we have for sale has a standard shaft. Standard shafts are mostly consistent. This shaft is 3/4" diameter/keyed, 2 & 5/8" length, and tapped 3/8 x 24. I am not aware of any standard shafts having a taper ?

    I can send you more pictures of the shaft if you like.

    My OldMiniBikes username is avmansnetnet and the ad is Engines For Sale.
    Hey how have you been , me good . Wondering if Jesse has told you about his latest powell buy .
    I like mini bikes but I also like cobra's it looks like a factory 5 .very sweet car and fun power to weight !
    Hi just joined got a truck load of minis and go carts one of those old guys I'm gonna fix them one of these days. Well he run out of days and his daughter called me and asked me to clean up everything.. I'm concentrating on the Murray track 2 and at one time you had a manual any chance you still do? If not guess gonna throw on that 7hp that harbor freight has got a 25% off on the 4th so may use it. If you have manual just let me know I guess it shows my e-mail. Greatly appreciated. THX
    I posted that i needed a break cable for a murry bike and think u replied u had one. If you still do either email me at or call me at (937)336-9560 on how to get the details worked out for purchase
    Tony!:smile: It was good to see you at the BBQ!:thumbsup: This time I didnt have to borrow any tools:laugh:
    big tony whats up? some of the perris guys were out at long beach today and said they are going to victorville because they put us on the hand out programs so we should make a showing to get future dates out there?! hope you can make it?
    Bringing the Murray. Got a seat and the clutch I ordered for the Baja over a month ago just came Thursday and it was the wrong one. I got that all strighten out but garage is such a mess I have no room to work on it. I picked up a Manco Thunderbird (like new) Its kind of light weight I think it might have to be for my Grandson???
    so which bike you going to bring on sat? did u ever get that seat you were looking for?
    [IMG] [IMG] gonna go to perris on aug 21st and not sure if going to victoreville or ventura yet. just been working on this here bonanza back up flatrack bike.
    can you make any of the coming local races. did you get that clutch yet and how is the baja coming ?? if cominig at all?
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