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  • Wayne thanks for the help once again. I got the Briggs and the Tecumseh to run. The Briggs is a bit more complete with the carbureator but I am seeing if the Tecumseh just needs a few parts to get it going. Also which Randy were you talking about? Also you said a Jen and someone else with old engine parts but again i wasn't sure who you meant.

    Let me know thanks again.
    like the race car we own the local race track (thunder valley raceway sands michigan ) still know where to find a few old race cars from the 50s and 60s would be a blast to put a few back in action
    Hello there Wayne this is A Rod just like to say that I have a 1970 suburban I will be restoring. I also just come across a new minibike frame from a old friend that had it in his storage shed for five years.
    So wayne, what kind of bike do you think I have here? I might be interested in a trade for that Gote you mentioned you had..

    Talk to me buddy!
    ia m going to learn how to post photos some day i hope ,
    matthew son of scott grandson of wayne great grandson of paul
    great great grandson of william great great great grandson of samual
    and great helper of mine can post photos,thank god he can,i cant,
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