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    1940s minibike - Comet Scootercycle

    :thumbsup:you realy hit a home run! good for you man,!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1:thumbsup:
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    1946 comet

    you could help me,give it to me ( PLEASE ) thank you!!!
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    SOme old photos of my cars

    i just realy hate guys join us,then its just to sell ther junk that has nothing to do with minibikes,they will try to get free ads on sites, sorry it took so long to anser you, i am slowwwwwwwwww
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    Hello all, I'm Cameron from australia

    Welcom To OldMiniBikes and The USA OldMiniBikes is the best site on the net! :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::smile::smile::smile:
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    Freak-Bikes, Homemades, Customs, Frankenbikes & Oddballs

    that is sooooooooo neat
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    Doniselli folding moped

    mine is all torn apart to restore,it even has a title, but now I will never get around toit
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    Sacramento and placer county shooting

    2 cops dead 1 in hospital
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    Thanks Everyone!!!

    man you shur are using up a lot of ink!! :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:
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    Freak-Bikes, Homemades, Customs, Frankenbikes & Oddballs

    That is r e a l y Neat!:thumbsup::smile:
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    Grandpas Scooter

    welcome,to the worlds gratis mini bike site, I also like scooters,be neat if you could bring the white paint back to life! :scooter::thumbsup:
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    First MiniBike ever Build

    :thumbsup: NEAT MAN!!
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