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  1. Raskin

    Hurricane Florence...

    :doah: hope all there not having too bad a time..stay safe
  2. Raskin

    So anyway..happy July 4th..

    Happy independence day and enjoy!:drinkup:
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    put your feet up..relax
  4. Raskin

    just a tire change tip for 8" rims

    Well...after 2 years of struggling with tire changes even with tire spoons(especially smaller tires)on my ct200u i found what works great to mount tires..i drilled a hole in a 3'x2' 3/8" plywood, used the axle and nut to hold the rim still and in a few minutes minutes boop!! done...geez that...
  5. Raskin

    just put a Predator on it.. But don't go near the water..:boat:
  6. Raskin

    For love of chicken..:laugh:

    Man ...when wifey comes home she is bringing me some crispy fried chicken..i ♥ me some chicken..chicken n :drinkup:
  7. Raskin

    For the man that has everything

    :laugh:great outdoor concert ride..just put you cooler on back and you don't have to find a bathroom.:lol:.Very ingenious..
  8. Raskin

    New rides entry: 2016 Coleman Ct200u

    Raskin 2016 Coleman Ct200u Predator 212 hemi with torque converter,hotdog muffler and #34 jet 16x6.50-8 rib front tire 18x7.00-8 turf rear tire.
  9. Raskin

    Clone drain plug exension

    Hey...was looking for one of these oil drain exension for Pred 212 coz my Hisun clone has one and snapped that maybe Coleman powersports may have..looks should fit 10mm clones.key #3.thought I'd share. CT200U - Crankcase Assembly
  10. Raskin

    Ct200u upgrade

    Been working on upgrading the Coleman for street.It got a rattle can paint, clear coat and a new seat.I cut the rear support and mounted the tc using upper left hole,located and drilled plate to get 3 mounts so I could retain stock gas tank.Had to cut the left end of the cooling duct to fit. I'm...
  11. Raskin

    mowing the lawn boring?
  12. Raskin

    bearing and axel bolt sizes

    So..a 35mmOD x15mm ID x 11mm ct200u wheel bearing it takes a 14mm axel bolt...when you are looking to buy a rim w a stated 14mm bearing you need a 13mm axel bolt or what..I'm there some inconsistant info on these things? :confused:
  13. Raskin

    Happy New Year

    :drinkup: wishing everyone a wonderful new year ahead ..
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    Well it's that time of year to give thanks and be with family...A time to celebrate,possibly eat and drink too much..hell it's only once a enjoy your Thanksgiving!! Just a little cracks me up!!
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    I was pondering this morning and just was amused at engines being rated in horsepower..:laugh: i think one horse has more power than a one horse engine..unless it's a nag.. Why Engines are Commonly Measured in Horsepower
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    Greetings beer lovers..anyways i don't spend alot on beer, :001_rolleyes:I've been a Buschhhhh! beer drinker me has a good taste vs today saw a new to me beer..Hurricane cat 5 caught my eye..being from Floriduh i checked it review ..dayum! it's 8.1% alc./vol. malt...
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    New rides entry: 2017 Trailmaster mb200-2

    Raskin 2017 Trailmaster mb200-2 Trailmaster mb200-2
  18. Raskin

    New rides entry: 2016 Coleman ct200u

    Raskin 2016 Coleman ct200u Ungoverned stocker ..can't kill it..
  19. Raskin

    i can be bought

    So wifey wants to go away for 2 - 3 day trips out of town to visit old gfs so she says are you ok with it..:laugh: so i sez i want a prize for taking care of the pets and house..Looks like i can be bought for 2 lbs of hamburger for the grill,some beer,chips and a couple of sweet rolls..
  20. Raskin

    wood you build?