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  1. DT400Rider

    What chopper frame is this?

    I just picked up this chopper frame. I see a couple out on the web but different brands. Any help on finding brand on this one would be great!
  2. DT400Rider

    Is this an Allison Chalmers

    Hi, Just picked this mini bike up. I was told it is an Allison Chalmers. Any info would be great. Is ti worth restoring?
  3. DT400Rider

    Tucson AZ to Sacramento CA

    In the 1st week of August I will be going from Tucson to Sacramento. I will have an empty truck so let me know if you need any minis or whatever hauled along the way. Just kick in some gas money. Also, depending what it is, I will heading to Tucson but will have some stuff in the truck...
  4. DT400Rider

    Help ID this minibike.......thanks

    Looks like from the 80s? It has a wisconsin motor on it. Not sure if that is stock or not. I'm sure it did not have this gas tank on it. It is tie strapped down. Thanks for any help.
  5. DT400Rider

    wanted: 1976\77 Yamaha LB80 chappy wiring harness (maybe more)

    Looking for the main wiring harness. Maybe more, I will have to check like the headlight wiring. May be interested in other parts if they are in better shape then what I have on the bike now. Thanks for looking.
  6. DT400Rider

    What is this? Never seen handlebars like this before

    I may trade for this minibike. Looks like a knob holding down the handlebars. Home made?
  7. DT400Rider

    JT1L Yamaha mini enduro

    Too many projects. Yamaha mini enduro JT1L model. Kick starter is stripped. I have not tried to start it. The PO said he used to push start it. That was many years ago. He was the second owner. Have signed title in his name. I will also provide Bill of Sale. $400 firm plus shipping...
  8. DT400Rider

    Montgomery Wards Minibike

    It has spark. Took engine off to look for color match. I decided that I have too many projects. $450 plus shipping. If you want just the rolling frame, make me an offer. I will keep the motor and torg converter for another project that I am working on. Shipped from Zip 95630 Folsom, CA
  9. DT400Rider

    ward montgomery minibike project

    I just picked up this minibike last week. Need to track down some things before I tear it apart. Front Decal? I have been searching but can't find one. I thinking of taking it to a printing place that makes decals, see if they can make one. Paint color? Same thing, peel off the...
  10. DT400Rider

    What Montgomery Ward model is this?

    Just picked this one up. I bought it for the motor but thinking it should stay with the minibike if it original to the bike. It is a 5hp.
  11. DT400Rider

    1972 JT2 Yamaha Mini Enduro

    Just put new seals in motor. Needs clutch cable. Runs. Did not ride it becasue of the clutch cable was frozen. Will assist with shipping. I will take it to any freight\greyhound company in Sacramento, CA for free. I will put it on a pallet with tie downs and shrink wrap it for $45...
  12. DT400Rider

    Bonanza MB-1210

    For sale. Needs Carb work. Has ID plate on it. I got it for another project I am working on but hate to rob parts off it. Well the wheels and frame should stay together. Will consider selling as a roller with shipping. $300 OBO or trade? I really don't know what it is worth so just...
  13. DT400Rider

    Help Id my Bonanza

    I just picked up this bonanza. The brake pedal does not look stock. It has a id plate on the frame that says San Jose Ca
  14. DT400Rider

    Help Id this 3 wheeler minibike

    Just picked this up and don't know anything about it. Any help? Thanks
  15. DT400Rider

    Help ID my DuneCycle that I just pickied up.

    It has a desert scene on each side. It has a 8hp B&S. The plastic is in bad shape but I hate to lose the decals on it, if I go down to the fiberglass. I just could not pass on the deal. Thanks in advance for any info.
  16. DT400Rider

    Just bought a Dunecycle project

    Not sure of the year and model. It ha a 8hp motor. Blue shell that goes behind the seat. I should have took pictures when I had the chance. I passed on the deal but later call him back to buy it. He going to hold it for me. I am just learning about them. I will post pictures when I get it.
  17. DT400Rider

    Just picked up a 1978 Chappy

    I don't know any thing yet about this Chappy. I think it is a 50cc. I have a few questions if anyone can answer them. 1. Did they make two 50cc model? One with pedals, one without? 2. Should I hook up the pedals or make a mod to put foot pegs? I assuming there are no footpegs because...
  18. DT400Rider

    Found some old ads and articles.

    Here are just some of them. I picked up about 30 old Car Craft Magazines that had these in them. I will post more when I read the rest.
  19. DT400Rider

    Chrome Cleaning trick

    If you have surface rust, here is a tip to clean it. Spray rusted area with Windex. Brush with Brass (brass won't scratch) brush. Wipe away rust with a rag. Before After
  20. DT400Rider

    Been Modified, what was it?

    Just picked up another project. Any ideal what it is? Funky looking foot rests been welded to it. I will take better pictures and a closer look at the bike when I get it home.