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    Rupp Rascal

    I have been trying to find one of these for a long time. Glad to have found one all complete! Oh and I got it to run! It needs the carb rebuilt but it will start up!
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    Dellorto MB22A Did anyone on here go after this carb?
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    Help Rupp Roadster 2 Help

    So I finally tour into my 1972 Rupp Roadster. I got all the chrome pieces off. My question is do the bearings press out on the front wheel hub? I do not want to tear anything up but they will not come out. Do they only come out one side? Also does the inner hub with the bearings in it remove...
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    HS40 Valves

    Doing my first complete engine build on a HS40. Do these valves look right. The valves are new,engine block is new but the lifters are not and neither is the cam. The space seems to large. I will get a larger feeler gauge set tonight but wanted some opinions. Thanks-Mike
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    Tecumseh H35

    What is the difference between the H35 and H30? All help is appreciated and thanks in advance.
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    Rupp 1970 scrambler

    Any body have a chain guard for a rupp 1970 scrambler
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    1970 Rupp Tecunmseh 3.5

    What was the shaft length on a h35 that was used for a 1970 Rupp Scrambler? Thanks in advance .
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    1970 rupp gas tank

    I need a 1970 rupp scrambler gas tank. All help is appreciated.
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    1970 rupp Scrambler

    Just snagged a scrambler. I really wanted one with the race plate on it. Didn't think it ran but it fired right up and have been riding it around. This could be my winter build. May have been one of my best negotiations.
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    Rupp Blackwidow

    I have a shot to buy a Blackwidow! How can I tell it's not a clone? Is there a serial number range?
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    Rupp Cub?

    Just verifying that this is a Rupp Cub
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    Rupp Cub

    Pretty sure this is a Rupp Cub. How hard would it be to get forks?
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    HS40 valve upper cap?

    I was looking in my trusty tecumseh parts book and the 1967 section calls for a valve cap part number 31671? The 1989 version does not? Is this upper cap needed?
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    HS40 Upper Valve Cap

    Hey does anyone have 2 of Tecumseh part number 31671? It is the "upper" valve spring cap for a HS40. I have the lower 31673. Thanks-Mike
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    HS40 Valve

    Hey does anyone have 2 of Tecumseh part number 31671? It is the "upper" valve spring cap for a HS40. I have the lower 31673. Thanks-Mike
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    Parts for sale. Rupp Tecumseh H

    I did some cleaning out of the garage. Here are some of the parts I have for sale. Price is OBO plus actual shipping. Fenders not sure what they go to. Maybe a Roper? $20.00 H70 Heads both have a broken fin. $10.00 Each HS40 Head-$20 5x Rupp Tires $10.00 Each H70 Block with piston, rod, valves...
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    Internal or external coil on h50

    Which is preferred and why? Point or no points? Is the main want for points because it is period correct?
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    What is this?

    I got my neighbor interested in mini bikes and he brought this Frame home?
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    Dellorto MB22A

    Does anyone want to cut loose of a MB22A I would love to get one. Thanks-Mike
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    Rupp Ram

    I finally got some time to work on my Rupp Ram. I finished building the engine and it runs awesome! I need to adjust the carb but besides that it is solid. Thanks for the help on this site. I also got to use my throttle linkage and it looks good I will have to take a pic of that. I have some...