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    820 West Bend/Chrysler/PowerBee US820 Engine/Parts-Maybe.

    Before I post a "For Sale" of this stuff I would just like to know if there is any interest. My reason for asking first is because these things really are not something most of you tend to lean towards to power mini's but since I have been here sooo long and like you all figure I will ask...

    !! Rare!! Tecumseh hs40/50 speed parts/chrome/!! Look-!!

    Well I am not sure if I am burnt out or just lost interest but either way these parts are FOR SALE- I have some pretty rare small block Tecumseh stuff and it needs to find a new home. This is just the start. Odds are if there is something Tecumseh HS related you...

    Missing Members-

    Just curious if anyone else has noticed some of the "Regulars" being MIA?? Just a couple I have noticed and went to check "NOS" or NewOldStock last activity was 11/08/14 and "OldSalt" was almost a year ago-sure there are more but these 2 stick in my mind probably because I miss their unique posts.

    1" Pillow Block Bearings-Nickel Plated

    Here is a pair of 1" Pillow Block Bearings for 1" axle with nickel plated blocks. Should hold up to salt water or whatever-they look pretty cool anyway and they weren't cheap. $50 for the pair shipped. PP OK but you pay the fees-please.

    Comet TC88N NOS 5/8" Driver/Driven/Belt

    NOS Comet TC88N complete unit. You get the driver/driven and belt. Driver is 5/8" bore but looks like could be adapted easily by just changing the bushing or boring the existing one. Unit measures 4 1/2" OD. Driven is also 5/8" and measures 7" OD. Pretty sure that piece is what it is. The belt...

    New 2007 Honda GX160 With Lighting Coil-

    New 2007 Honda GX160T1 QXS2 with Lighting Coil- Standard 3/4" crank keyed I believe 2 7/16" long 5/16"nf tapped. Engine was just removed from box to take these pictures. I have had it since 2007. The tag says it is a 50 AMP coil but pretty certain it is a 50 WATT charging coil. At 50 amp this...

    Comet Tav2-30 3/4"x #35 NOS-

    Well I came to the realization that I am not going to use this TAV unit so it's time to let it go. I am calling it NOS since when I opened it up the packing inside the TAV cover was from 2004 so it is 10 years old. It is for 3/4" crank #35 chain 12 tooth drive. This one is old...

    Way off topic but might be good to know

    I was sitting here watching law and order svu and I got to actually thinking about how messed up the show portrays some people to be. Anyway the show mentions how easy it is to use the internet to find out stuff on our neighbors, friends, coworkers and the like. Soo I do a simple search and...

    What is the "Oddest" thing you have restored??

    Curious what odd items people on here "Restore" other than Mini's. :shrug: For me sure I have done some unique cars, bikes, ATV's, chainsaws and such but curious about just off the wall stuff. :out: I think mine was either an old valve grinding machine or a concrete bird bath that had been in...

    If you listen to metal-

    Than you have to check these youngsters out- Unlocking The Truth- Do a U tube search and listen to "Start the game" and "Destruction" I for one think they are frickin' awesome!! And not just because they are like 12 years old. I think their future is set in stone. :thumbsup:

    Tecumseh HS40 or whatever Diaphram Carb

    Tecumseh Diaphram carb as pictured. Ideal for like HS40 or similar. Carb is probably better than new since I personally built it. Would prefer to NOT sell this to someone that has tried 3 different carbs and still thinks that the carb is the problem since you are obviously barking up the wrong...

    Tecumseh H25/30/35 SLANTED Intake

    Tecumseh H25/30/35 SLANTED (20 degree) Intake. $75 SHIPPED. This is INTAKE ONLY. Carb available also in another listing. PM me. Thanks-Bill

    Tecumseh H25/30/35 NOS Exhaust

    Tecumseh H25/30/35 SLANTED (20 degree) NOS Muffler. I think this piece is very rare/hard to find in any condition let alone a NOS one. This one has needs a little clean up or some fresh paint-it IS 40 some years old but has no real rust or pitting. Would be perfect candidate for...

    Taylor/Tecumseh HS40 Chrome Exhaust NOS

    Tecumseh HS40 SLANTED NOS Chrome Muffler as pictured. $125 Shipped. PM me. Thanks-Bill

    Lil Indian/Speedway Caliper (s)

    Lil Indian / Speedway caliper. Pics pretty much tell the tale. Inner pad is good used and outer is NOS. I have 2 available. $160 EACH SHIPPED. PM me. Thanks-Bill

    Morel Mushrooms-

    Anyone else on here hunt/eat/sell the ever so illusive Morel mushrooms?? It's getting to be that super small window that comes but once a year and if there are others on here that mess with these I would be curious to see where you are and when/how many of which type you found- Thanks.

    HS40 Blower Housing-Shroud w/studs

    Anyone have a good OLD style thin round top blower housing with studs to mount the recoil?? Only looking for nice useable-Thanks.

    West Bend 820 Part Question-GEM

    Well it's not often that I am stumped but I was digging through a box of HS40 cranks and ran across these GEM WB820 transfer port covers. Well I just was pulling them out of the bag to count them and I noticed that some of them are different on the inside. I tried calling Dave Bonbright but got...

    Tecumseh HS40 Hi-Po Cam/Used block-sidecover

    Sometime/somewhere there MUST have been Hi Performance camshafts made for the Tecumseh HS40 and I would like to find one. I believe I have EVERY other Hi-Po part for these engines ever manufactured for the exception of the camshaft. All of the HS40's I have checked have exactly the same actual...

    Tecumseh H30/H35 HS Speed Parts-

    Well since I am clearing out some stuff I will never use some lucky person now has the chance to purchase some NEVER BEFORE OFFERED or possibly NEVER SEEN BEFORE vintage NOS SPEED PARTS for a Tecumseh H30/H35 ie:Intake and exhaust. You will recieve ONLY the GEM Performance intake and the exhaust...