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    Double engines

    Ok, I have a question. I recently found a small, lightweight go-kart frame today and bought it for 20 bucks. As I was pondering on what I could do with this I began to wonder if I could run 2 engines on it? I know I would have to replace the axle with a live axle and sync the carbs just right...
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    Briggs alky engine.

    Ok friends.... My neighbor is wanting to get into racing carts and asked me tonight if I could build an alcohol engine. I told him Im sure I could if I could just figure out the little specs. Does it require special valves, head, piston, rod, crank, cam etc? I read this post about modding a...
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    Good motor. Runs good. This does run and idles good. However it does not have an air filter or breather cap. So how you see it is how you get it. Looking to get 50 bucks out of this thing.
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    Engine build up.

    Ok, I am starting to build me an engine for my mini bike. Im gong with a 5 hp and was just going to get a little advice while building this. I intend to keep you updated with pics throughout my build. So to get it started... Apparently whoever had...
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    MTD Trail Flite/ Western Flyer Trail Flite

    I am selling my mini. Its either a MTD trail flite ss 300 or Wester flyer tail flite. Dont really remember. Someone on here told me once but I dont recall. Anyway, its for sale. I am located in Perryville Missouri. It needs a back wheel. Here are some pics.... ANy questions please ask. $75.00.
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    Briggs and Stratton Decals

    Does anyone have a link to where I can buy original B&S engine decals? I would like to rebuild an engine I have and put original decals back on it. Any help would be great. Thanks
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    Engine dating

    Does anyone know hoe to tell what year an engine is by looking at the numbers on the side? I use to know what numbers represented the year but I dont remember now. Also, can you tell what size (horse power) the engine is by looking at the numbers. I recently got an engine and it looks like it...
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    What is this?

    I got some engines today and other misc parts for side shafts today. But it wasnt until I got home and really got to looking at this engine that I realized I dont know what it is. Its missing most of the stuff on the carb, the tank, and I am not sure if its missing the recoil starter or not...
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    Needing parts here...

    Hello, I am looking for a couple things. First is a rear wheel and sprocket for a Western Flyer ss300. Here is a link to a bike with the same wheels. I also am looking for a set of foot pegs for it also. Next I am...
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    Another unknown mini

    Hey all, I had this bike given to me today and have no clue what brand it it is. :no: Any information would be greatly appreciated.
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    Help with wheels

    I am looking for some original wheels and hubs for a western flyer trail flite ss300. Any idea where I can find some? They are just like the ones in the picture here (the black bike at the bottom)...
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    Please Help!!!

    Im looking for a rear wheel like this for an MTD Trail Flite 300 or Western Flyer SS300. I have also heard they are the same rear wheels on some models of the Columbia made bikes. I have looked all over online and cant find anything. Please Help!!! Thanks, JER
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    Looking for mini bike wheels/ hubs.

    Can someone please help me??? I am looking for a set of these type hubs and split wheels. I am trying to restore a mini bike to original and cant seem to find anyone who sells these kind. My bike is a MTD Trail Flight 300. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Since I dont know how to post...
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    Just got this bike and dont know what it is...

    I just traded a junk compound bow for this and cant seem to figure out what kind it is. Its been a while since I messed with mini bikes so I will try to point out some of the key features I noticed. 1) Spring in front handle bars for suspension, 2) The rear fender connects to the engine mounting...