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  1. patrick2260

    Early Ruttman w Clinton Panther $1100 plus shipping obo

    Powder coat. Engine has spark and compression. Restored. Questions ? Ask please. $1100 plus actual shipping from 97702.
  2. patrick2260

    Clinton Panther a500

    It has spark and compression. I don't ride or run my bikes or engines after restore. I display inside my home like all of it. It ran great after restore. I'm sure it will get up and going. Ships from 97702. I take Paypal, Venmo, cashier's check or local pick up. Shipping is actual cost. I...
  3. patrick2260

    Early Ruttman roller

    Serial is stamped into engine plate as opposed to a tag riveted. Serial is 3225. I was told that this frame was probably a chrome frame but I really don't know. Powder coat is obviously bright yellow. Other than a couple very small chain Knicks in the plate the frame is true and straight...
  4. patrick2260

    Can I still sell my bike and parts on this site ?

    So I haven't been on here for years. I'm selling all of it. It seems like the site has changed a bit and I'm having issues navigating. Can I still sell a roller ? Panther engine ? Parts ? Thanks for any help.
  5. patrick2260

    Anyone know where a guy can buy one of these ?

    Bonanza chopper clutch guard
  6. patrick2260

    Early Caper Cycle

    Is anyone looking for or does anyone know of anyone looking for an early Caper Cycle ? It needs restored and is in pieces. The engine is restored and looks great, West Bend Power Bee. I believe its a 5 part though. Im just trying to start the conversation without pics at this point. You...
  7. patrick2260

    Restored and mostly restored minis for sale

    Just a heads up guys and gals. I have some bikes for sale. I have 2 Ruttmans. A Toad and a previously chrome Ruttman w a Clinton Panther. A Bonanza Chopper and an unrestored Caper Cycle im considering selling too. Considering. The Caper has about almost everything. Including the engine...
  8. patrick2260

    Maybe Arco ?

    Looks a little like a Rupp seat. Rear band brake looks like Arco, Ward's. Thanks. 20160928_204532_zpsybtco4cu.jpg Photo by pat_marshall1 | Photobucket 20160928_204604_zpsamz0611p.jpg Photo by pat_marshall1 | Photobucket 2016092895204357_zpsoe2x6s8p.jpg Photo by pat_marshall1 |...
  9. patrick2260

    Can anyone identify the fork by what you see here ?

    And hopefully the fork and rest of bike belong together. I can't read what it says. Thanks ! 2016080795102201_zps9hmizi1l.jpg Photo by pat_marshall1 | Photobucket
  10. patrick2260

    Found a little something today. Had to pick it up !!!

    20160922_152544_zpss0t6ctpq.jpg Photo by pat_marshall1 | Photobucket VZM.IMG_20160921_181630_zpswkqpcjow.jpg Photo by pat_marshall1 | Photobucket 20160922_151641_zpszygfresk.jpg Photo by pat_marshall1 | Photobucket
  11. patrick2260

    My Muffler is too close to my seat pan and vinyl ?????

    Hi guys. The Taylor muffler has about 1/4" clearance between it and the vinyl. I don't plan to ride it but once. As I do after every restore. Then I set it next to all my others. However, I do want to make sure it's ok. If I ever sell it. Thanks and please let me know if you think it will...
  12. patrick2260

    Looking for a decent and proper pipe/muffler for my Tec HS40

    Hi guys. I wish I could post pics of my Bonanza Chopper restore but I'm unable to delete any of my pics to free up space unless I become a supporting member. I'm looking for a correct muffler/pipe for my HS40. I heard David Wulf makes nice pipes and mufflers. I did PM him and waiting for a...
  13. patrick2260

    Minibikepaul PH # or contact info please

    Been a long time since I've been on the site. Apparently minibikepaul has been banned??? I use to have his email and pH #. Anyone out there have his contact info ?
  14. patrick2260

    Bonanza Chopper front and back axle length???

    Can anyone tell me the length of these 2 axles? I need to buy them. Thanks.
  15. patrick2260

    taylor muffler or similar

    I'm looking for a Taylor muffler or similar muffler that would work for my engine. I'll try to get the bolt pattern up later. Sausage muffler works too. Thanks.
  16. patrick2260

    carb rebuild gasket kit H35

    Hey guys. I am trying to rebuild an original Ruttman Toad Tecumseh H35 engine. No luck finding a carb kit w all the gaskets etc. On eBay. Not real familiar w eBay any way. Does anyone have or know where to find what I'm looking for? Engine info is: H35 45350H serial is 0258 w 13637 after...
  17. patrick2260


    Originally restored by Mark "Scooterboy" Franzen. Meticulously restored to original condition as close as humanly possible. I've babied this bike and never ran fuel or oil through it and Mark did the same since the restore. Just been displayed inside our homes. Has spark and compression...
  18. patrick2260

    Rupp Roadster 2 fuel tank petcock

    Very clean. Removed from a 1971 Roadster 2 tank. $6 plus shipping.
  19. patrick2260

    Rupp Roadster 2 Rear suspension

    Just the one for now. The other has a blown interior bushing I would also sell. $12 plus shipping.
  20. patrick2260

    Rupp Roadster 2 NEW seat foam

    Fits other Rupps of course. $12.00 plus shipping.