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    It does a dad's heart proud, (son shooting the SKS like a boss)

    We went shooting yesterday. I took some 240 frames/sec vids. I know some of you are into shooting. Check it out.
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    5 Tools NOT to Buy from Harbor Freight Tools

    Hi all, Some of you really liked the 5 Tools from HF Worth Buying video I posted last week. Here are 5 that I would NOT buy again. I'd love to know if anyone had a better experience with them than I did. :hammer:
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    5 Harbor Freight Tools Worth Buying

    Hi all, Just to show I'm not a tool-snob, (after ripping on the HF vise), we made a video of our 5 favorite things from Harbor Freight tools. What would be your favorite HF find? Do any of you have one or more of the items we picked?
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    Before You Buy a Habor Freight Bench Vise

    Hi all, I know most of you, like me, have to watch your wallets. Hopefully, this review will help at least one of you save $69, or help one of you fix it the way I did. Notice the two separate item numbers for the same tool! Happy...
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    Predator choke issue

    Hi all, My son has a go-kart we built, with a stock Predator. It sat for nearly a yr. We drained the fuel, cleaned the carb, changed the oil, and it fired right up, BUT, it will only run well with the choke on. It will idle with the choke off, but dies the instant you hit the throttle...
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    Which of these 4 guns for a moderate cost CC?

    Hi all, been looking at a new gun, for home defense and CC. Currently have 4 favorites. All 4 are used. 1. CZ 82 in 9mm x 18 Makarov (Czek surplus) $279, with 2 mags, both 12 rnd, and case Pros: All steel construction. Simple and durable I like the 9 x 18 round (it is between a .380...
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    Review of Eastwood MIG 175 Welder

    Hi all, Seems once a week there is a thread with someone asking about what welder to buy. I thought I would do up a quick review of the welder I bought. Check it out if you are looking at buying a mid-sized MIG. Review of Eastwwod Mig 175 MIG Welder - YouTube
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    Problem with new clutch?

    Hi all, bought a clutch for my son's go-kart project, got the motor going and the clutch will not engage, even at high rpm. It just kinda sits there. So, stupid question, is there something you have to do to a new clutch? De-greasing, or something? Or did I get a bad unit? It is this...
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    Predator issue

    Hi all, I bought a Predator for my son for Christmas last yr. and let him decide what to do with it. He decided we should build a go-kart, so today, we finish the kart, mount the Predator, add fuel and oil, and it WON'T START. I pulled the plug and checked the spark... it sparks nice and...
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    Anyone own or use an Eastwood welder?

    Hi all, I've been looking to upgrade my weld-pak 100, I was comparing the Hobart 140, and the Hobart Iron Man, (the welder that can go 110 or 220). Anyway, I guess because I have been doing searches for welders, now I am getting ads for Eastwood welders everywhere I go on the web. Been...
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    Drill bits for drilling steel

    Hi all, I am doing more and more metal work, but I have yet to find a good way of drilling larger bore holes in steel. I have a 1/2" and a 5/8" bit, but they dull out almost instantly. I sharpen them on my bench grinder, but they just don't hold up. So, what do you use to drill larger...
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    How many engines, and which are your favorite?

    I was just thinking of how many small engines I have. It's kind of crazy. I own a small lawn care company, so that adds a few, but still. I own, and have owned a ton of small engines. Not counting anything 2 cycle, or anything on a four wheeler, I currently own 15 small engines. Here's...
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    OK, should this go in the Briggs forum, or the Honda clone forum?

    I was at Cal Ranch today, noticed the "newly designed" Briggs Inteks. Tell me that isn't just a Honda clone. I put them side by side and could tell little difference. Looks like a clone from the back too.
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    Messed up my threads! Any ideas?

    OK, took my bowl off to clean my e-tube and jet, put the bowl back on (in the dark) and the bowl was leaking, so.... instead of pulling it off and checking to make sure the gasket was aligned properly, I tried just tightening the bottom bolt an extra 1/4 turn. Long story short, each time I have...
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    Did one of you write this?

    I was reading the reviews on the HF site for the 212 Predator. This one was so funny, I just had to share it. Wonder if it was someone here??? By James from Texas About Me: Casual Do-It-Yourselfer Comments about Predator 212 cc OHV Horizontal Shaft Gas Engine - Certified for All...
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    Torque converter belt question

    Hi all, Merry Christmas Had a quick question. I bought a torque converter on ebay, it is the 3/4" drive, I believe it is just the TAV2 knock-off. It came up when I searched for "TAV2", anyway, wanting to buy a spare belt and can't seem to find the exact belt. The belt it has on it has "30...
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    Heavy duty bearings???

    Hi all, been doing some serious riding on my Brooks trail bike. Don't know if it is the weight of the machine, the roughness of the terrain or the speed (probably not the speed, as the bike only goes 32 mph and has 18" tires), but the Azusa bearings just don't seem to be able to handle...
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    Would you go back?

    I put my first TAV on my Brooks trail bike (my model originally just came with a jack-shaft). I am BLOWN AWAY. I am running a nearly unmodified 212 cc Predator on this bike, which is a large bike for a mini, with big tires. This thing zips right up to its top speed of about 32 MPH (the engine...
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    Will a Honda/Clone fit in this?

    Hi all, Looking for a home for one of the $99 Predators I recently purchased. Anyone know if a Clone will fit in one of these? It is a Heald Trail Bronc, one of the kit bikes they sold, I think it was back in the 80s. Here is a pic: Thanks for any replies, especially from anyone who...
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    Ever been pulled over on a mini?

    So, been riding more and more around the neighborhood. I have yet to see a cop while riding, but my 11 yr old son say he had one drive by him while he was riding, and nothing happened. Anyone ever been pulled over riding a mini on the street? If so, what happened? A warning? A...