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  1. jprice

    OldMiniBikes Makes Hot Rod Magazine

    just got the new not rod magazine and they had a skit on mini bike and seen they mentioned OldMiniBikes .Pretty Cool !! thought id share with ya guys ..:thumbsup:
  2. jprice

    mikuni carb question

    I know nothing lol there is a air and fuel mixture screw the one with the spring wrapped around it ? and there is an air screw near the back of it ? in order to get the sled to run good at idle I have to turn the air screw all the way in and back it out 1/2 turn does that sound right? thanks...
  3. jprice

    did you have a hot wheel track like this?

    Mother of All Hot Wheels Tracks - Part 1 - YouTube
  4. jprice

    2speed jackshaft FIRST GEAR SPRAG

    looking for the the comet 2speed jackshaft sprag gear assembley i believe its a 24 tooth oneway gear , or where i could get one?
  5. jprice

    2 speed sprocket clutch question

    do these come apart? can you change the insides on these ? such as the springs and shoes? thanks in advance...
  6. jprice

    Anyone know the torgue spec on the 11 hp?

    was wondering if anyone knew the torgue on the 11horse greyhound?
  7. jprice

    brain teaser game help

    i got this game for christmas, i have many hours invested and im not any closer then when i started lol i cant find the damn box to look it up ,anyone have one of these? or know the name ? someone in jail must make these things lol
  8. jprice

    brian briggs 305

    that bike is nice! and man does it rip! thanks for the vids MDB! ps good to see korndog out there ,looks like she runs man! mdb you have some topend for sure!!
  9. jprice

    some mild clone upgrades

    parts for someone looking to do some mild upgrades to there stock clone, this stuff will give you some decent power the carb came from arc -Our "615" Box Stock class carb. Airflow has been significantly increased by opening and reshaping the Venturi using a CNC machine - the same...
  10. jprice

    72 tooth sprocket?

    5/16 bolt holes, 2 7/8 across
  11. jprice

    its alive

    thanks mdb and korndog,and a big thanks to OldMiniBikes for getting me the parts i needed Quick! still got some tuning to do but its almost there... next on the list is a seat lol
  12. jprice

    carburator of choice?

    what you guys run? happy with it?
  13. jprice

    split sprockets question

    to run the split sprocket ,what hub ,what wheel ? adaptor plate? thanks in advance!
  14. jprice

    E-Tube Question

    i am running a 615 bored carb, pilot jet is drilled to 024 and i drilled the main jet to a 105 e-tube is a 140 now it seems to run fine high rpm low rpm good, plug looks good.. i noticed NR has a special e-tube for running alky on the bored clone carb. was wondering what the difference...
  15. jprice

    clone cylinder head

    winter will be here soon, and i will be tearing the motor down, looking to just get a complete done up head, AGK? Or NR ?
  16. jprice


    maybe be a silly question but if ya dont know ask right? some say jet size 35,36,37,38 others say 90,91.92 and so on, is there a conversion chart? i have a 35 jet in mine that would be what a 90?
  17. jprice

    mini drill bit set? where to buy?

    looking for mini drill bit set mm set something that goes from 18 thousands to 40 thoudsands .. perfer something on the cheaper side , just playing around with fuel curves thanks in advance ....
  18. jprice

    stock clone low speed jet/or carb

    looking for a stock low speed jet from 6.5 clone carb, or if you want to sell the carb let me know.. thanks .. jim...
  19. jprice

    Clone Peformace parts

    Check out OldMiniBikes wherehouse! Hent is stocking a bunch of clone parts now :thumbsup:
  20. jprice

    2 Speed Jackshaft

    Going a different route,this is a bad azz little system, excellent bottom end,great top end! only used 5 times paid 75 for the 2speed alone,will sell for 60 plus shipping,and will throw in the chains and the 15 tooth gear and also the 18 tooth gear, 35 chain, you will need the dual sprocket...