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  1. jprice

    Riding Mower Racing, any help

    Hey Cory Something like this?
  2. jprice

    New Decals from Bikebudy

    Not bad for a snowmobile guy Haha! he does some good work , need something done ? hit him up he can prolly do it ! My forks and drag bar cam out sweet! You doing trail fire stickers yet? LOL :thumbsup:
  3. jprice

    bikebudy's OldMiniBikes J.F.F 2015 "Sno-Bomb"

    atta boy cory! so close but yet so far Hahahaha! set it a side and break out the sled! :thumbsup:
  4. jprice

    OldMiniBikes decals ?

    well he is from Canada i just thought it was Ontario Mini Bike Racing :laugh:
  5. jprice

    OldMiniBikes decals ?

    damn you bikebudy leave you alone for one minute ! :laugh: you call it making money i call it advertisement :thumbsup: But the powers to be have spoken ! No good deed goes unpunished LOL LOL
  6. jprice

    OldMiniBikes decals ?

    LMFAO!! :laugh:
  7. jprice

    OldMiniBikes decals ?

    oh sure now he says something hahaha , thanks man I may keep you to that lol
  8. jprice

    OldMiniBikes decals ?

    don't make me come down there lol dude I had no lie 5 casts on my leg so far and there is no way I would use crouches trying to get around Hahaha! and hey when I do head down to the store your always out and about stay put! hahah I will be seeing ya soon!
  9. jprice

    OldMiniBikes decals ?

    Yo man ! I been laid up out of work for 7 months now with foot problems , I tried getting a hold of ya guess my messages never went through. and when I was down nicks I think you went to winber hopefully we can catch up soon I can at least drive now :thumbsup:
  10. jprice

    OldMiniBikes decals ?

    ahhh cool man! nice touch! maybe you can talk hent into getting some off ya
  11. jprice

    My new mini bike

    man very cool indeed ! your a ma of many talents ! nice work man! and yo the gas tank you painted came out sweet! :thumbsup: I see a little side work coming your way! keep the pics coming !
  12. jprice

    Mini Drag bike build

    440 that's it? I thought this was gona be fast ? lol lol your nuts man ! but I love it ! hahahaaa !:thumbsup:
  13. jprice

    Build-off undone OverKill

    its alive ! that was quick ! Nice job !:thumbsup: lets see some wheelies now LOL LOL
  14. jprice

    Build-off undone OverKill

    what are you from Canada or something :laugh: its never to late buddy im sure you can pop that belt off in no time best of both words ! Very cool You do great work indeed ! keep'em coming !:thumbsup: soon as I get the tabs welded on mine I will get some pics out of the wheelie bars you made...
  15. jprice

    Rupp Go-Joe Mod and Custom

    man looks like you almost know what your doing Hahaha looking good bro !!:thumbsup:
  16. jprice

    Drift trike anyone?

    that is bad ass !! pretty close to me I wana go just to take it for a spin lol :thumbsup: oh never mind I seen it said Lancaster didn't see the LA Part damn!
  17. jprice

    Drift trike anyone?

    I like the motorized one ! looks fun! f that going down a hill shit LOL
  18. jprice

    Drift trike anyone?

    now that is cool !
  19. jprice

    Need more RPM's

    your running alky with a stock clone carb ? and your jet is a 90? that doesn't sound right at all the main jet should be up in the 130 range or higher , I did it before but I forget what I ended up with, dump the alky out and run gas your carb seems to be set up for that anyways .. from what...
  20. jprice

    Your the man kenny

    he does very nice work! Merry Christmas to You ! Hahha :thumbsup: