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  1. SimpleTom

    Mini bike interview from my friends at GPS

    Great interview and video. It would be cool to see more interviews like this as Chad mentioned. Unfortunately they would have to have someone travel all over the country to do that. Similar to Joe's mini bike reunion podcast. He would always have locals to him come in for interviews. Really...
  2. SimpleTom

    Frame ID

    The other one is an Alexander Reynolds Company/ ARCO
  3. SimpleTom

    What rim is this

    It's not a Manco wheel. That's a Thomas wheel. Manco wheels don't have open spokes.
  4. SimpleTom

    What is this wheel ?

    Nova minibikes, Cheyenne mini bikes
  5. SimpleTom

    Looking for an i.d.

    Different model. However the handle bars don't appear to be correct.
  6. SimpleTom

    Looking for an i.d.

    That's a Keystone.
  7. SimpleTom

    Mini bike identification

    The forks on the bike are incorrect. They are from what the mini bike community knows them as the Minnesota mystery bike. The triple trees are the what gives them away.
  8. SimpleTom

    Help Identify this Beast

  9. SimpleTom

    Help Identify this Beast

    The engine is not correct on this one but the seat, tank, wheels and fenders are.
  10. SimpleTom

    What is it?

    Home made
  11. SimpleTom

    Vintage Chopper What-izzit…

    It's a Trail Horse or Trail Blazer chopper made by General Appliance
  12. SimpleTom

    Sprite or doodlebug??

  13. SimpleTom

    What model & year General Appliance Minibike

    That would be a Trail Blazer. They were made from 1969 through 1971 in Omaha, Nebraska.
  14. SimpleTom

    Who made this?

    Yes, made by Bird. From the first ad I posted it appears to have come with a 2.5 hp Tecumseh.
  15. SimpleTom

    Who made this?

  16. SimpleTom

    I picked this 1955 Suitcase Size Powercycle Mini Bike Science & Mechanics Kit Bike anyone have one ?

    I've seen quite a few of them. Many posted here on OldMiniBikes. They weren't built by a factory. They were just plans in Science and Mechanics magazine so trying to figure out how many were made would be impossible since they were made by guys in their garages.
  17. SimpleTom

    I picked this 1955 Suitcase Size Powercycle Mini Bike Science & Mechanics Kit Bike anyone have one ?

    Very nice! I've been looking for one of those to add to my collection.
  18. SimpleTom

    Got a Homemade 60's Fat Tire Bike

    Yep, I've seen it in person. Definitely home made
  19. SimpleTom


    It's a Bonanza MB 250
  20. SimpleTom

    Any idea?

    Bonanza MB 1110. No rear suspension. Nice bike!