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    exhaust help

    I was just wondering if the OldMiniBikes 8" clearance under seat header will fit a Baja mb200 without any issues.. any pics of it on a bike would help. thanks
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    Hello to all..could use advice.

    Hi I am a new to this mini bike stuff. ive posted on here already and got great advice but I failed to properly introduce myself. I recently acquired a Baja mini from a dude that baught it at tracter supply so im assuming its the mb200. anyway the thing was in pieces (a lot of pieces). but using...
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    In pieces

    I recently acquired a Baja MB200/Warrior?? the one tractor supply sells.. :shrug:. anyway its in pieces the entire bike a lot missing off the frame but that I can deal with. my issue is the 200cc 6.5hp motor that came with it is also in pieces it all seems to be there, I'm sure I could get it...