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  1. Diabolus

    H30 side exhaust question

    I have a couple H30 Tecumseh engines with side exhaust ports. I've checked OldMiniBikes warehouse and cannot seem to find any header style exhausts for these engines. Can anyone recommend another place to look?? The stock exhaust blows right on the riders leg.
  2. Diabolus

    Engine ID

    Can anyone tell me what kind of engines these are? They are both Tecumseh, but I'm a little confused on the H50/HS50 tags I see in the forums. Engine 1 - Engine 2 - Thanks in advance
  3. Diabolus

    Question for the racers

    For those running racing events, what fuels do you generally run? Regular pump gas, racing gas, or maybe a combination? It race gas a waste of money in these small engines? Thanks in advance!"
  4. Diabolus

    New guy restoring Scat Cat

    Hey all, Been checking out your site for some time now, great info and great site!! I'm returning to the mini bike world after 30 some years and have a question or two. I'm restoring an old Scat Cat and about to put in a big parts order, but I'm not sure on my chain size. The rear sprocket...