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  1. T-Town Mini

    This is Different

    Something called a Monster5:
  2. T-Town Mini

    New Minibike mfg: Spirit Minibikes

    Looks promising...what do you think? They're also developing a Drag Bike frame design.
  3. T-Town Mini

    PVC Catch Can ver. 2.0

    I wanted to improve on the original version of a PVC Catch Can I'd made previously so, what follows below is what I came up with this time. (The original thread discussing breathers can be found here...
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    1970's Bird War Eagle

    Someone in Tulsa did a really nice restoration job on this vintage mini bike: They're asking $600.
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    Electric Minibike

    Some new manufactures are making electric retro looking minibikes. They may look cool and they've got a few good ideas but, the price is stupid expensive for what you get. Take a look at some of the others that pop-up in the youtube recommendations...
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    Throttle Retun Spring

    When using the original throttle control on a Predator or Honda clone you can add a second return spring as seen here: (click to enlarge) If you've loosened up the retaining nut and/or removed the friction washer and still find you need a little more help to pull the cable back, this will do...
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    Video of the Day
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    The Outlaw

    Check it out: Yup.
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    Tach Mount

    There're lots of discussions on Tachometers and which one is best to use on a mini bike but, I don't recall any on how to mount one. I wound up getting a cheap one off Ebay and installed it on the handlebars temporarily using safety wire. :001_huh: I thought I'd eventually get around to...
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    E3 Spark Plug

    Has anyone tried using an E3 Spark Plug in their mini bike engines? E3.22 Spark Plug | E3 Spark Plugs I installed an E3.22 in my Predator last summer and it performed really well. Yesterday, since it was so warm (80°) I decided to go for a ride and pulled my Clonanza out of the...
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    The Official Pinewood Derby Thread

    This thread is intended for all things Pinewood Derby. Post your best tips/hints/advice, etc. for constructing a Pinewood Derby car here. Feel free to post photos of examples including: derby cars, tracks, trophies, best designs, wildest creations, family & friends...whatever, as long as it's...
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    I finally got a kickstand for the MX! No more blocks of wood, stands or milk-crate needed to park my bike anymore. :001_cool: After reading this thread earlier: ( I was inspired to shop on...
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    Muffler Installation

    Pretty just screw it in, right? Well, what if it keeps wanting to loosen up all on its own? I would like to find a Jam Nut to lock the muffler onto the header and keep that from happening. I found one in my pile of stuff but it's not the right size: Right now I have the muffler...
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    Predator Throttle Assembly

    This is a new throttle assembly I came up with for my Predator...I made a template to get the measurements right then, made it out of some scrap metal: Plenty of other examples can be found using the same throttle setup on clones utilizing either a top plate or the engine's shroud itself...
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    homemade mini bike for sale or trade
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    Leonard Nimoy

    :sad: LOS ANGELES (AP) — Leonard Nimoy, the actor known and loved by generations of "Star Trek" fans as the pointy-eared, purely logical science officer Mr. Spock, has died. Nimoy died Friday of end-stage chronic obstructive pulmonary disease at his Los Angeles home, said his son, Adam...
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    Daytona 500 Qualifying

    What did I just see? Can someone explain this qualifying strategy of waiting in the pit lane until the last minute to run only one lap. :out: Seems to me the same chance at the pole could've been had by drawing numbers from a hat. :blink:
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    '65 Mustang...

    Er...uh, sorta: I'm not normally a fan of Drifting but, DAMN...that "Mustang" is the most badazz car ever built!!!
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    Twin Engine Mini Bike

    I saw this on YouTube and thought it was really cool: That's some awesome work.
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    LiquidPiston "X Mini" 70 cc Rotary Engine

    This is a new re-imagined version of the rotary engine. The current prototype is rated 3.5 hp at 10,000 RPM and is expected to produce 5 hp revving up to 15,000 RPM when developed. Smaller and quieter the X engine is being produced to replace current piston engines used on such things as...