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    Need information on Foremost Mini Bike

    Does anybody have any catol. pics. of Foremost Mini Bikes sold from jc penny? I am looking for any old pics. of this model.
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    Chain Guard Bracket for Foremost Mini

    I am in need of a chain guard bracket for a Foremost Minibike it is 1960ish and is all original. I also need an original gas cap for the motor which is a Tecumseh 2.5 hp.
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    new to mini's

    Hey, my name is dave and it took 48 years to get my first mini.I think the bike is older then me and has only about 5 hours on it. As soon as I can figure how to send pics. I will. I dont know much about minis but a good friend of mine worked on the bikes for years. The bike is a Foremost...