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  1. jeep4me

    Wards T777 Carbon Fiber Fenders and Seat

    Selling a set of freshly made carbon fiber fenders and a seat for a Montgomery Wards T777 or Buffalo. Fenders are new and never mounted. Seat is like new and I believe the mounting holes are correct. Selling as a set. Will not separate, sorry. Asking $200 plus shipping...
  2. jeep4me

    Rupp Goat

    Selling my Rupp Goat. Nice running 5hp Tecumseh HS50. Not original to the bike, but is an original mini bike motor. Runs, rides and stops. Inside of tank is clean. I've been riding nearly every week for the past few months. Asking $750 cash or PayPal (as a friend or include...
  3. jeep4me

    Arctic Cat Chain Guard

    Nice fiberglass repop chain guard. Very thick, heavy duty. No mounting holes drilled. Guard only, no bracket. $60 shipped. Paypal preferred (as a friend or include the 3% fees).
  4. jeep4me

    Wards T777 Carbon Fiber Fenders

    I sold the bike these were supposed to go on, so I guess I have no need for them now. These are very nice quality. Clear coated and polished. Very lightweight. No mounting holes drilled. Asking $150 shipped Paypal preferred (as as friend or include the 3% fees).
  5. jeep4me

    Tecumseh H82 Two-stroke Engine

    I recently bought a ruttman that had this motor on it. I've since gotten rid of the Ruttman, so here's the engine. Vintage Tecumseh H82 two stroke. 3/4" shaft. Includes the soup can gas tank. Missing the recoil, but I've been starting it with wrapping a rope around the starter cup. I...
  6. jeep4me

    NOS Mini Bike Ski

    NOS aluminum ski for mini bikes with up to a 4 inch wide tire. 22" long. $100 plus shipping. PayPal preferred, as a friend or include the fees. Located in Grand Rapids MI. Local pick-up is welcome too.
  7. jeep4me

    Manco Thunderbird parts

    Parting out what's left of this Manco Thunderbird. What is pictured is all I have for this bike. Rear wheel assembly...(wheel, tire, sprocket, axle, spacers)....$60 Shocks...$25/set Frame remains....$40 Shipping extra on all parts. PayPal preferred. Cash ok too.
  8. jeep4me

    Minibike Parts Lot

    Heald Shocks, 13" eye to eye....$60set Sebac shocks, 11.5" eye to eye.....$50set Headlights, 6" wide, 5.25" lens.....SOLD Mikuni 26mm carb, rated for 10hp, New.....$90 Tecumseh carb, 8hp, complete.....$55 Tecumseh air filter assemblies.....ALL SOLD PMCO taillight, plastic bezel, nice shape...
  9. jeep4me

    Step Thru Mystery Minibike

    I picked up this bike a few years ago. It's been my go to bike since then. It's got a great running 5hp Honda GX140 on it. Needle bearing comet clutch. Brand new seat and rear sprocket. And let's not forget the custom chain guard. Asking $600 Cash or PayPal Located in Grand Rapids...
  10. jeep4me

    Heathkit Boonie Bike Survivor

    Picked this up on a buying spree. Got buyers remorse now... Lol. I'd love to restore it, but I know it won't happen. Now I need the money to go to SC to see my daughter graduate from the Marine Corp. Barn find Heathkit Boonie. Missing the clutch cover and 2-speed cable support stand...
  11. jeep4me

    Ruttman Spyder w/Tec Power Products H-82

    I recently picked up this Ruttman Spyder that has a vintage Tecumseh Power Products H-82 kart motor on it. I'll need to get a recoil for it. But that's about it. I have an air filter that's period correct. What kind of fuel mixture is correct for this motor? 16:1...20:1...? Can't wait...
  12. jeep4me

    Fellow Minibiker and Friend Passed Away

    Today I found out that a good friend of mine passed away on January 5. Kerry Prelwitz was my friend of 10+ years. We went to nearly every mini-bike meet together. Bought and sold mini bikes, Bicycles and parts at the Ann Arbor meet every year together. He will surely be missed. Kerry...
  13. jeep4me

    WANTED Heathkit Boonie Metal Clutch Cover

    Looking for an original Heathkit Boonie Bike clutch cover. Would like it to be in original condition of possible. PayPal ready. Thank you!
  14. jeep4me

    1971 Rupp Scrambler

    Recently picked this up. A true barn find. 1971 Rupp Scrambler. 3.5hp Tecumseh H35. Wrong decal on the gas tank. Motor turns over nicely. I haven't had a chance to get it running. Tires show some weather checking. Gas tank is clean inside with light sediment residue. Lots of...
  15. jeep4me

    Air Horn Exhausts

    Put that custom mini bike over the top with an air horn exhaust. I have three total, two are in great condition, one is crumpled at the bell. Approx 24" long. Chrome will clean up nicely on all of them. $30 each for the two nice ones $20 for the not so nice one. Shipping...
  16. jeep4me

    Misc Parts

    I have a few parts for sale. PMCO Rear tail light assembly, metal housing, needs wiring work....$20 Chrome headlight bezel.....$25 Multi function switch (Heald style).....$25 Stirrup foot pegs.....$20/set PayPal preferred Shipping is extra.
  17. jeep4me

    Rupp Dart Cycle Project

    I've decided to sell my Rupp Dart Cycle project bike. Frame is in decent shape. Included is a nice round gas tank and the original chain guard. Also includes a 1972 Tecumseh HS40. Not exactly what was on it, but still looks correct. I haven't attempted to start the motor, but it does...
  18. jeep4me

    Vintage Tecumseh Clock

    Always thought I'd hang this clock up in my garage, but I have to realize that's not going to happen. Lights up and tells time. Tecumseh image shows some fading, but not too bad. Nothing is cracked, that I have seen. Mostly made of plastic, trim is aluminum, face is plexiglass...
  19. jeep4me

    Bonanza Project Bike

    I have what was originally a Bonanza BC1300. But has since been turned closely into a MX project bike. So basically it's a Bonanza Bc1300 with MX1410 wheels/sprocket with brake. I have most of the parts (new and used) to make this a ridable bike. It's just got to be put together. My plans...
  20. jeep4me

    Bonanza parts

    All of these were pulled off a Bonanza bc1300 I recently bought. Badge (ok, but not perfect)....$65 shipped Fender set (ok, but not perfect).....$100 shipped Sebac shocks (nice, black paint removed).....$80 shipped PayPal (as a friend or include the fees) USPS money order Cash OR...