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  1. Jag57

    chopper for sale

    $800.00 or best offer bike has a lighted 4HP motor for lights runs good just small for my big butt....powder coated sold as it stands
  2. Jag57

    4HP MDT mini bike

    ran when put away years ago this is a great bike with a lot of power lets say $550.00 hey the muffler is worth125.00 I think? it's a complete bike that I never got around too somebody rattle canned it before I got it stayed in the shed. Carb was redone back then if someone is interested I can...
  3. Jag57

    Engines $50 bucks or less

    I have 10 motors that need a home! need a part I'll pull it need a gas tank? I'll pull it. you pay for the ride..$50 or less some, 3hp some 5hp, one is a oem doddle bug 97cc? I'm in Rockland county NY 10956 wanna pick it up we can make that happen. I would hate to see these go to scrap metal but...
  4. Jag57

    My purple chopper for sale on the bay no time to finish lighted engine NO BRAKES
  5. Jag57

    chopper seat springs

    WTB chopper scout seat springs thanks
  6. Jag57

    hot dog hut.?

    is this still happening or is it dead?
  7. Jag57

    Hot Dog hut??

    Any word about a spring swap meet?
  8. Jag57

    ebay alert nice rolling frame for $50 bucks with seat / California

    Mini Bike Chopper Frame No Motor w Tires Big Seat and Shocks | eBay
  9. Jag57

    pressure washers

    anybody know anything about pressure washer pumps? Or know of any diys i picked up one at a GS for 25 bucks guy said was weak but I fired it up and was not so bad really?
  10. Jag57

    BSE moto skeeter carb help?

    has anybody have any experience with this carb orig 450 bse 2 cycle carb i'm going to try it tomorrow it don't want to idle (just off and loud) :shrug:
  11. Jag57

    1" black vinyl seat fabric

    anybody want to go in on a e-bay purchase? 190726051034 50$ a yard is crazy but I can't find it cheaper anywhere! (1" pleated) 1-1/2 is no good looks stupid 1/2 the price @ $24 a yard. can probably make 10 seat tops from one :censure: yard
  12. Jag57

    hs-40 crankshaft #32877a

    gonna be needing one of these
  13. Jag57

    hs-40 crankshaft #32877a

    gonna be needing one of these
  14. Jag57

    HS40 intake manifold and carb wanted

    i'm in need of a carb for a straight mounted tech engine and intake man. also
  15. Jag57

    5hp briggs recoil question?

    took my old school go kart out for a test run .got about 100 feet or so.Then screeching noise and my pull start rope wound clock wise.and bunched up like bad underwear...? is it just a lube problem or am i missing something else?
  16. Jag57

    bonaza chopper #1

    almost done need to finish brakes + seat
  17. Jag57

    HS40 muffler bolt on offset centers

    I know its a long shot but even a toasty one to copy will do...:mad2:
  18. Jag57

    wayne NJ swap meet?

    Anybody have any info on this? time of year, Location,anything????
  19. Jag57

    pulsa--jet gas tank wanted

    B+S 2 quart carb on tank gas tank for 5hp briggs needed (carb has rust anode)
  20. Jag57

    gear reduction motor/engine

    5hp briggs $45+ shipping runs good