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    Tecumseh H50

    Does anyone near So Cal have a H50 for sale? I have a NOS HS50 but its not the right motor for my build. Willing to drive a couple hours if needed or pay for shipping?
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    Stellar Or Barris Front Forks

    I have a Barris that I am restoring and the front forks are bent so bad that I cant get them to straightened out enough to get them to cycle like they should. I took them and welded them to keep the project moving but I know that's now how they should be. Does anyone know of a set they would...
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    Joe's MiniBike Reunion So Cal

    Anyone going to this?
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    Bent Front Fork

    Does anyone know of somewhere (shop or fellow mini biker) in Southern California that can straighten out a front fork? Any "at home" methods that dont require a large press?
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    No Clue what it is

    For sale locally and for $150 it might just be worth it. Anyone know the name of it.
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    Bonanza What model

    Just picked this up off eBay and it was restored, nothing special; great from 10 feet away. I am trying to figure out the model of it.
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    Stellar George Barris front shock boots

    does anyone know where I can find the boots that go on the front forks of many of the Stellar mini bikes? Or something that very closely resembles the boots? Here are some pics of them. thanks, Richard
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    Gas Tank Mount for H50

    I bought a H50 for my Barris build. At the time I didn't realize there were several different 5 hp motors and now I am stuck trying to make this one work. its a NOS H50 that has never been run and came in the original box so I'm using it. My problem is that I need to mount my gas tank to it...
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    NEED Linkage for H50

    I have a H50 and the standard linkage I bought from OldMiniBikes is clearly not the correct one. I purchased part number 730136A. I am putting back together a Stellar - George Barris Super Stocker and it did not have the correct engine. I purchased the H50 and what I thought was the correct linkage...
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    Needed Stellar Parts

    Maybe I am a bit ambitious but if anyone has any parts they are looking to sell I am in the market. I have a stellar / barris superstocker that I am in the process of restoring. My main needs are: seat, even just the base fenders, front and rear mounting brackets for the fenders...
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    George Barris / Stellar

    I have George Barris, as I have been told, that I am trying to collect parts for. It has a motor but I do not think that it is the correct motor for the mini bike. I would love to replace it with the proper motor that should in there. Any help or links would be much apreciated. I am also...
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    MINI BIKE FRAME What is it?

    Not sure who makes it but I am starting the restoration on it for fun and finding the name of it would make things easier. Richard