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  1. TomH

    Murray Track 2 Softer Seat

    The Murray Track 2 comes with a molded rubber seat. The hunk of rubber has two steel plates molded in crosswise underneath the seat. They are used to mount the seat at the front tube and the rear mono shock. It all fits in a plastic seat surround to complete the look. It looks cool, but I kept...
  2. TomH

    Happy Birthday Matt2, Wheels 1950

    Hope you guys have a good day:happybday:
  3. TomH

    Look At My Big A$$ Seat

    As you can tell, I am NOT an upholsterer, nor do I play one on TV. But..I bought a blue foam ground mat for cheap at Wally's world, real firm foam, put about 3" of that, and then topped and sided it with 2 1/2 soft foam. Spray glued it all up. Original seat itself was molded rubber, nothing to...
  4. TomH

    Engine rebuild

    Pretty cool 11 Months, 3000 pictures and a lot of coffee. - YouTube
  5. TomH

    TRK Testing Out His New Mini

  6. TomH

    What if your Mini?

    Gets impounded by the police Nek Minit - Cop crashes mini bike in station - YouTube
  7. TomH

    NASCAR All Star Race Pick Three

    Hey all, lets see who thinks they can pick a winner for the big race. Pick three, any three drivers I am going to pick: Tony Stewart-Chevy The Biff-Ford Dodge Brad Kesolowski I can't figure out the format, sounds interesting. But this would be the pick for the overall winner. Hey, this...
  8. TomH

    Track 2 Ride is too Harsh..Easy 5 min fix

    This is simple, you need a drill and a bit and a squirt oiling can. I weigh around 185 so results might be different if you weigh more or less, but I think you can get the same results by playing with the spring adjuster. Ok, right at the top of the threads on your shock on the seat side...
  9. TomH

    What is it?

    Anybody know what this is? I would like to see it from different angles
  10. TomH

    Can't reply in the parts wanted section?

    Can't reply in the parts wanted section? Whats up with that? I thought "no comments" was just restricted to the for sale section.
  11. TomH

    Here is an interesting one

  12. TomH

    seller says Yahama mini?

  13. TomH

    seller says Yahama mini?

    sorry for the crappy photo any ideas what it is?
  14. TomH

    Do U Trail ride, Drag or Street ride mostly

    Wondering where other members ride their mini bikes the most. I mostly trail ride hilly areas with a bit of gravel road riding
  15. TomH

    Pawn Stars Special price

    1967-71 Indian MM5A Mini- bike
  16. TomH

    Who went riding over Thanksgiving holiday

    I got to go Sunday for a bit. Took My Murray track 2 and my dog trail riding. I think I have everything pretty well sorted out with the bike, it worked great with the 6.5 clone on there. I am running the stock chain and sprocket, which is great for woods and hill riding. Clutch locks up pretty...
  17. TomH

    This ine is for Jeep 2003

    Don't know if this has been posted or not, but I thought it was a cool pic. Willys Army Jeep & Mini Bike - 1943 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
  18. TomH

    NASCAR Texas Jeopardy

    Pick three drivers in their order of finish. Lets see who wins. One entry only:hammer: 1. Tony Stewart 2. Carl Edwards 3. Kasey Kahne
  19. TomH

    This guy should charge admission

    He has STUFF I found a Bath Supply Shop filled with Vintage Mini Bikes - THE H.A.M.B.
  20. TomH

    old Larson, clinton four strokes

    I am going to look at them this weekend along with some tecumesh and Briggs. He has 53 engines, some vertical shaft with reverse gears etc. Any interest or anything I need to be looking out for?