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    Mystery Bike for sale.

    Here is a mini bike that I have been slowly working on. But, my wife and I are going to be listing our house for sale and I need to get rid of most of my projects. I anticipate living the apartment life for a bit, so I have no place to store my projects while the new house is being built...
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    WTB: 3HP Briggs Carb

    I am in search of a carb for my 3hp briggs. I have a remote fuel tank so the carb needs to be the one that does not have the tank attached. Thank you in advance.
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    CraigsList Chopper?

    Looks nice... No idea what it is though........ He is asking $375
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    what is this......unique bike? Old "Goat"/Harley Mini-bike
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    Mystery Bike

    Hey guys, I found this bike on craigslist a while back and drove 500 miles round trip to go get it. It was long drive but I hope it will be worth it. I have posted in the "what is it" section but no luck. I believe there are just 2 or 3 others, Jamesc has one that is sweet. I bought the frame...
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    honda 50cc on mini bike?

    I know I saw pictures of this and for the life of me cannot find it. I want to make a mini road legal. I want to put a 50cc honda/clone dirtbike motor on it. Any help would be appreciated
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    Cimatti Bobcat Wanted

    Me and my dad were looking through some old pics of him as a kid and found a pic of him on his forst mine, a cimatti bobcat. I would love to find him one and fic it up for him as a gift. Any help would be muchly appreciated.
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    What is it

    Just a frame on CL for $20 but it is 4.5 hours away. Worth going to get?
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    rupp handlebars and risers

    I am in need of handlebars for my 1969 rupp frame. As i have never had one of these bikes im not sure what the risers look like or how the handlebars are mounted to the trees. any help would be much appreciated. I am not looking to perfect nos bars. Just something that has been beat to pieces
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    Rupp Continental Drag Bike...

    Helloall. It has been several years since I have owned a mini bike. But, I still had a few motors latin around and I found a deal I could not pass up. I have what I believe used to be a Rupp Continental. Please correct me if I am wrong. I bought this roller for $20. I just sat the engine in for...
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    WTB 22mm Mikuni

    I would like to buy a 22mm mikuni new or used in good shape.
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    WTB Briggs Manifold

    I want to buy a Briggs manifold for a 5hp flat head that fits a hl357 tilly... thanks... if some one just the flanges that would be awesome too... thanks
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    B&S 3hp help with mikuni and coil

    I have a 3hp briggs that is now ported, polished, eybrows shaved, head milled .020, and a straight pipe. All of that work is thanks to help of others in a different thread. Now I am wanting to figure out my carb setup. Another member has a similar engine with a mikuni 22 on it. i thought...
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    eyebrows and port and polish

    I am in the process of rebuilding a briggs 3 hp. I need some more info on shaving the eyebrows and port and polishing. Where do I polish and what do I leave alone? Where are these eyebrows...? what do I use to polish with..? I have a dremel but what do I use...? I think I would benefit from...
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    briggs help

    Hey guys. I want to start by saying that I have never fully rebuilt an engine. I have a briggs 3ho engine and would like it to be my first rebuild. I have seen a few posts on what mods to do as you rebuild these but I am struggleing to find pics of how the mods are done or pics of a step by step...
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    I have the oppertunity to trade for this scat... but my question is what motor is this...? what model is the bike...? and is the motor/kicker original...? any other information would be awesome thanks so much.
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    taco 22 for sale

    The bike is located in bolivar mo and the price is $500, Pics tomorow. I have a taco 22 for sale. I got the bike from tomsprops who i believe completely restored the bike. I however do not ride the bike anymore. I would say the bike is in 85% condition with very few scratches and scuffs in paint...
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    what is it

    what is this thing i like it. seems to be worth the money mini motorcycle
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    built in tank :thumbdown:

    i am wanting to start a build of my 5hp briggs flattie. i have found ample information on the site but the one thing i cant find..... how to swap out a carb with attached gas tank for a normal carb..... i want a mikuni on there. any help would be awesome.
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    oddyssey fl250 motor swap question

    yesterday i got a honda fl250 with a 399cc rotax motor with it. my question is....... how do i know what belt to use and how tight to make it..... also, can i use a comet style centrifugal clutch and switch to a sprocket on the rear axel so i can just use a chain....? i just have no experience...