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    distributor ccw cc reverse turning

    Got a question if ya spin a distributor backwards will it work . In like a clock wise turning counter clock wise . Needing to put a distributor in a 4 cylinder and can't find the Wright one so lookin at making one fit off a tractor . Not sure if it spins Wright or not yet got a few choices on it .
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    oh my god

    Heard some bad news today a good friend of mine was run over by a air seeder on the farm he works on .he was cleaning out some junk in the shanks andthe other guy did not rrealize he was under there and started it and drove off . My friend has busted ribs and a broken arm and some other cuts...
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    help with a model a ???

    Does any one have knowledge on working on a ford model a ? Workin on a chassis and lookin to pull the axles down and fix some wear . And doin some welding any suggestions on rods to weld the axle tube . What tools does one need to pull the springs out and not kill ones self doing it . Also...
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    ahhh home made deer soup yummy?!!!!

    Made some deer vegetable soup with carrots green beans mushrooms peas corn onions some paprika cayenne pepper parsley garlic beef broth soy sauce and teriyaki.24 hours on the simmer Oh for good still need to put a thickner in the broth . Goin to dehydrate it if it last long enough to get in...
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    crank drilling guides !!!!!!

    Ok so we have new off the lathe crank drilling guides . For 5/16 - 24 or 18 . They are a 3 piece tool you start with the smaller hole one a 9/32 bit , and the body . Put on the end of the crank and it guilds the bit on center. Then you switch out the bushing to the larger one and run the tap...
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    whats metal man been up to now ?????

    Well i have been trying to start a small metal working business . Have been doing it for a long time built several parts for members here before my brain injury afew years ago . So been trying to recover my skills and the use of my hand and the strength that was lost . So in the recovery process...
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    Flo Jet Carb Repair & Rebuilding

    Disassembly, Cleaning and Repair of Briggs and Stratton Small Two-Piece Flo-jet Carburetor, Part 1
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    help sos ... --- ... wmb w??

    Ok maybe some one can help me ? Need some information on a washing machine motor carb lookin to make one but need help in what size body and bore . The mixer type not the float one ya know the small 1/2 horse little briggs . And if someone has a cut away diagram would be nice . Can someone...
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    lets see your tooling

    Looking for some help on lathe tooling .got a 7x mini lathe and wondering what size the fingers are on the steady and follower rest are . As im going to make my own rests . I know order one ya ya but i got a real bull not the seig so parts dont fit . So the reason to make my own and well i can...
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    form problems

    Any one else got trouble geting on the form ? Its all messed up for me .
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    Anyone got a simple transistors based pwm drive using general purpose transistors ? Lookin for a build on one but no real luck . And yes i could do 555 ic or op amp but i dont have any so ics are out . Got a pile of components and that so lookin to build it from components .
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    kits and possibly new parts

    Toying with making the cylinder gas tanks i used to build in a kit form as in you get the shell halfs and petcock bung and you supply the filler neck and solder or weld it together . Would be a advanced builders project . Not a real hard one but need skills to make . Tooling to make it would be...
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    half breed kinda thing

    Ok maybe some one knows about this . Looking for info on a cop car transmission like 1970s 1980s . Its a auto and manual in park natural drive on the column in town gears ya know but getit out of town and tthere's a stick on the floor and manual gears. A real freek think its a ford not a common...
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    to hell and back .... well kinda

    hey guys haven't logged on in a while . been thinking of ya just been busy well till the last about 4 months . got droped to the floor bad a tbi brain bleed ,stroke kinda thing had a 2 cm by 4 cm . puts ya down now and fast just doing some work on the house and boom go a dizzy spell and...
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    Article: Max Torque Clutch Installation and Oiling

    You can view the page at
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    its been a good day

    been a nice day today was raining when i got up windy after that . then dry and dusty blowing winds . but still a nice day yep even if it had snowed it would still have been a good one . why do i say that well ..... im moving to my new place soon got the papers filled out and the $$ handed...
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    5 hp briggs flywheels

    2 5hp briggs flywheels no chipped fins good magnets . $17 each shipped or $22 for the set
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    chain guards clutch cover

    3 of the old chain deflectors clutch guards i was making . they use the top 2 bolts of the crank case to mount . they work on any briggs from 1 hp to 3.5 . $12 each shipped or $20 shipped for all 3 . money order or checks payment
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    cart bearings

    ok got a lot of 7 fafnir ra103 bearing . not the nicest looking lots of shelf wear but all in good shape and new . some light pitting on the eccentric lock but usable . asking $20 shipped . they are listed on ebay for $12 each . 1 3/16" ID by 2.443 so 2 inch 7/16 postal money order is best...
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    oooooppps screwed that one up didnt i ?

    well timing is not on my side at all . was hoping to get my membership in before it ran out but nope not that lucky . so back to regular member till hent gets the money order :doah: i hate being broke so if any one is trying to pm me it aint going to work as my box is dead full...