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  1. bikerboybenny8

    Tecumseh 2 Strokes

    Hey fellas, just curious if any of you have any experience putting clutches on the Tecumseh HSK-600 or the HSK-850... getting ready to finish a custom build and I've finally decided on the motor.. just curious about the clutch because the shaft is obviously two different sizes, pics would be...
  2. bikerboybenny8

    2 stroke old school mini bikes?

    Any of you folks have experience with 2 strokes? Specifically the Tecumseh 2 strokers.. looking into an HKS850. Mounting it on a lowered cat 250.. any experience on mounts? I'd like to see some other projects if any were ever attempted. Thanks all!
  3. bikerboybenny8

    Wtb bird nighthawk/tbird front wheel

    Any info please direct message or call/text me 814-790-3952 thanks all
  4. bikerboybenny8

    "The Windber Challenge"

    I remember back a few years ago watching a video on YouTube where a couple of fellas went around a flea market and found everything needed to build a mini bike, and they tried to get it running.. Was wondering if anyone's ever attempted something like this at Windber? There should be a contest...
  5. bikerboybenny8

    Rollers for sale!

    I have a Baja warrior roller for sale.. Comes w original engine (jackshsaft included) and fenders.. 160 Obo I've got a frankenbike for sale I'll take 100 Obo for that.. The bronze broncco id like 175 for with the wheels and a small Briggs 4hp I also have a manco tbird frame for sale as...
  6. bikerboybenny8

    Wtb I/c or I/c gold Briggs

    I am looking for an ic gold or just a regular ic Briggs for a build I'm doing. Also potentially interested in just a bone stock 5hp.. I only really need the block and head along with all of the internals minus the rod and cam. Lemme know whatcha got I have PayPal!
  7. bikerboybenny8

    2 frames and a roller

    I've got a manco thunderbird frame, a bird nighthawk frame, and a rolling bird thunderbird with some aftermarket wheels for sale.. 250 takes the roller, comes w a Briggs 4hp flatty 75 apiece for the frames. Located in Erie pa U pay shipping... 16509.. Pics can be emailed...
  8. bikerboybenny8

    Ive hit a wall...

    I'm in the middle of my drag bike build... And I tried to throw an engine (Briggs 5hp flatty) together with some aftermarket and it just isn't working. I plan on running a mikuni 22mm 94ss cam, 1.4 springs and a billet rod with a stock raptor flywheel.. Does this sound like a good combo? Should...
  9. bikerboybenny8

    Wanted. EC Bert mikuni to flathead Briggs intskr

    Title says it all, cash in hand
  10. bikerboybenny8

    Tim Coughlin.. aka Trinik1272

    Once again I know the numbers are not right in his name lol.. It seems me and Tim have lost connection in the middle of a deal... If anyone can get ahold Of him just let him know I'm waitin on the engine he's supposed to ship me.. Sorry Tim not trying to bust balls! I know you're busy
  11. bikerboybenny8

    Complete collection sale

    Hanging up the old mini bike hobby.. I've got 2 bird thunderbirds for sale, one complete(w predator 212 a lot of custom work) and one non complete A custom cat drag bike project never finished with a built 5hp flathead... A bronco with custom wheels... A Manco thunderbird frame, and some...
  12. bikerboybenny8

    Will a motovox wheel work on a doodlebug??

    Title says it all
  13. bikerboybenny8

    3 max torque clutches for sale 60

    60 plus shipping. Would like to get rid of them asap as I'm nearing the end of a build and also the Budget haha. Message me For pics. Clutches are all functional just a bit of wear
  14. bikerboybenny8

    Goodyear 410/3.50/6 Tires

    Come off of a snowblower. Still mounted on snowblower rims, no cracks no rot.. Close as NOS w/o being NOS please email or message me I'll send pictures 50$ OBO
  15. bikerboybenny8

    pvl flywheel for a flathead???

    is there such a thing??
  16. bikerboybenny8

    WANTED 6 inch rims

    Lookin for something nice to set off My bike.. Or something dirt cheap! Lol message me!
  17. bikerboybenny8

    Miscellaneous Parts for Sale

    Motovox Wheels front and rear 50$ you pay shipping Motovox front forks, little bend in em, $30 you pay shipping... straightened out ill ask $40 Small Lot of briggs parts in a box... 50$ you pay shipping.. enough for about two engines in the box. 2 basic clutches for 3/4 shaft and 1 for 5/8...
  18. bikerboybenny8

    WTB KT100 engine

    title says it all... let me know what youve got collecting dust!
  19. bikerboybenny8

    Rupp Frame w/ pit bike front end and rear swing with KT100

    sounds like a badass combo... anyone done anything similar? i just like the sound a two stroke makes.. am i alone in that?
  20. bikerboybenny8

    Most Wonderful Time of the Year

    I just thought id share how pumped i am for the current off-season. Tearing bikes down, cleaning them up. Prepping for next years rides, making slight changes.. One of my favorites, getting parts in the mail.... :smile: And probably the best part, BUILDING NEW BIKES. Ive personally got 3...