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  1. RobertC

    Buckeye Sighting !

    I just saw a post from @buckeye ! It's good to see you around here Tom ! Don't be a stranger.
  2. RobertC

    Couple of nice one's on Charlotte Craigslist. Not mine.
  3. RobertC

    Mislabeled Hodaka

    Facebook Marketplace ad calls it a honda. I thought the tank looked interesting the first time I saw it...then I saw a post on about a super rat. This ones clutch cover says 'Wombat'...!
  4. RobertC

    Stolen mini bike

    Hello folks...this was supposed to be a feel good thread, in which I tell you all about the mini bike that Mariah custom built for, then gave to, my Granddaughter Audrie. Unfortunately someone stole it off of my trailer in my own back yard, in Stanley NC. And I'm looking to get it back. I...
  5. RobertC

    Happy Birthday ZR9B

    Happy Birthday @ZR9B ...!!! I hope you're having a great day...!
  6. RobertC

    Drill guides for drilling crankshaft

    Hello Folks. I want to purchase a set of drill guides, for drilling the crankshaft pto. I need one for 5/8 shaft, and another for 3/4 shaft. Or one with an adapter that'll work for both. I've had some generous members offer to lend me theirs, and I sure appreciate it, but I'd like to have my...
  7. RobertC

    We need to HELP FORUM

    Hey folks. I say this as a concerned member, and hope I don't say anything inappropriate. I think we need to get ahead of this while/if we can. There was a short lived post last month, that spoke to the fact that FORUM is not paid for by any company. And that...
  8. RobertC

    Happy Birthday Frisco57 !

    Happy Birthday Frisco57...! Have a great day...!
  9. RobertC

    Self balancing electric unicycle ! I've seen one off prototypes, but didn't realize there were any in production.
  10. RobertC

    What are these bearings called ?

    Hello Folks. Looking for new bearings for my kidney bean wheels. The original bearings appear sealed, so from the front, it looks all metal, from the edge of the hub, all the way up to the so: What are these type bearings called ? Thank you !
  11. RobertC

    Set of Carlisle 4.10/3.50 - 6 knobby tires

    We are looking for a set of Carlisle 4.10/3.50-6 knobby tread style tires for our mb250 build off project. They look like this: I am not finding this style on the web, and am thinking perhaps they don't make this model any more. If they do, can y'all point us to where, and if not maybe...
  12. RobertC

    Flat mounted Briggs with horizontal pto ?

    On the local craigslist. I do not know what application this was used for, and wonder how the power is transferred to the horizontal pto. Pretty cool though. Any ideas ?
  13. RobertC

    What brand and model is this ?

    My son Cadman and I bought this the other year in Windber, from Rick Chatten. We've entered it in the build off, and we're trying to figure out what make and model it is, before we start taking it apart. At first we thought maybe an entry level Bonanza, with the kidney bean wheels, but the...
  14. RobertC

    Cadman's Bonanza

    Here we go... My son Cadman and I bought this little bike from Rick Chatten, at Windber the other year. As it sits, minus the boots we paid $50 ! Now it's time to get it going. I plan to recruit Cadman off the xbox, and on to the tool box...! Posting this from my phone, so if issues with...
  15. RobertC

    Happy Thanksgiving Folks...!

    Happy Thanksgiving Everyone...! There is so much to be thankful for. Y'all enjoy your day, and have safe travels.
  16. RobertC

    Happy Birthday Rapidrob !

    Happy Birthday RapidRob...! I hope you've had a great day !
  17. RobertC

    Happy Independence Day folks...!

    Happy Independence Day folks...! We sure are blessed to live with freedom in The United States of America. Thank you to all who have helped sustain our freedom. Have a good fourth folks.
  18. RobertC

    Request for help...Super Bronc hm80 with oem carb 632402 needs a shot of starting fluid to start...what needs adjusted ?

    Hello Folks, When my Super Bronc has been sitting any longer than a few minutes after have to give it a shot of starting fluid for it to start ? It's on a Tecumseh HM-80, with OEM carburetor 632402 (replaces 632199) using fuel pump (not sure of brand) One shot of starting fluid...
  19. RobertC

    A big Thank You...! to Gumpit, and CarPlayLB...!

    I wanted to throw out a big THANK YOU, to Randy, and Eric; gumpit & CarPlayLB I really enjoy playing Quizzo, on Eric's OldMiniBikes Warehouse live facebook stream each week. I'll be scrambling, to google the question, then fumbling to type in the answer in the live stream chat, only to look up and...
  20. RobertC

    Wanted - Roper grab bar

    I am hunting for a Roper grab bar. Original would be great, but reproduction would be fine. You never know till you ask....right.....:shrug:...:laugh: Please PM me with any information. Thank You, Robert