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    What do you guys think of the r/minibikes sub on reddit?
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    12V Electric Starter on an Hs50.

    Finally got around to messing with the new build. I want a bike with lights, but also electric start. That leaves out the traditional Hs40 aluminum flywheel and lighting coil since there are no starter gear teeth. I was able to get a charging coil/lighting coil and flywheel, but is is iron and...
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    MTD Head Tube

    So my MTD Trail-Flite has had a problem with the head tube since i got it. I suspect that the bike was previously crashed and repaired. The headlight brackets were bent flat. The footpegs were collapsed, and there is some extra welding done on the head tube. I noticed the forks were not very...
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    CA Outlaws Small Engines

    Wondering about everyone's thoughts on this?
  5. massacre

    Fired up my MTD yesterday

    My nephew came over yesterday, he's only 3 but i decided to see if he would get excited about minibikes. Haven't started the bike since early spring. Fuel is treated. 5 pulls on choke and it started and ran great. Nephew loved it Incan't wait to build him a bike lmao
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    Need Some Help Plz

    Does anyone know how to check old USPS tracking #s? Not too old, from June 1st. Looking to see if a package arrived on the day it was expected to arrive, or not. Thanks for any help
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    GEM Intake Manifold

    I have a GEM intake manifold. I got it with a bunch of other parts. It is in the original packaging, part # G2241 I know GEM made intakes for 2-strokes and maybe some other engines. It doesn’t seem to fit any of the Tec and B/S engines I have here. Does anyone know what engine this intake fits...
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    12v Starter?

    Does anyone know of a 12v starter that will work on an Hs50? I see some of the big blocks have them. Or did the Hs/HsK engines only come with the 110v starters? Thanks for any help!
  9. massacre

    100 Foot Drags in the Spring?

    Well I haven’t run my drag byke in a couple years. I want to change that this year. Is anyone else interested in racing? Is the Leadfoot deal gone forever? Or is there any chance we can help to get that going again? Any interest in trying to race at Gomas? Tired of the byke sitting here...
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    Saw This

    Thought someone here might be intrested
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    Blockzilla Dyno Vids

    I posted these in another thread but might have been in the wrong place.
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    My Arco Drag Bike

    Since there has been some recent interest in my dragbike I had to search for a while but was able to find a build thread
  13. massacre

    H22 Engine Displacement

    Hello, Trying to find the engine displacement on an H22 engine, and having a hard time. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks and have a nice day!
  14. massacre

    AC to DC Rectifier/Regulator Ground Question?

    Hello, My understanding of the grounding of lights, etc powered by an AC rectified to 12v DC using a battery, is that those grounds need to go back to the negative battery post, and not grounded to the frame. My question is, what about things that already ground through the frame like the...
  15. massacre

    Legalizing MTD

    Hello, I am in the process of trying to get my MTD Trail Flite into street legal condition. Found some DOT tires, now onto the hand controls. It has been difficult finding hand controls that will fit 7/8" bars, that have all the necessary switches, and don't cost a fortune. Also looking for...
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    Sorry can’t post pics for some reason
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    Driven Spring Question

    Hello, I see different colored driven springs listed, but they don’t have good descriptions like the driver springs have. I am looking for a later overdrive, but still want it to get into overdrive. Comet has yellow listed as a 30 series torsion spring, but also lists a gold compression...
  18. massacre

    TAV2 MTD Trail Flite Belt Question

    Hello, I know there are 2 different belts that will work with a TAV2 on an MTD Trail Flite. Does anyone have part numbers for both belts? Thanks so much for any info!
  19. massacre

    Tachometer accuracy

    Hello I recently had some problems with my tach. Thought I was topping out at 3800-4000RPM but after re wrapping the wire I am getting 7-8000RPM readings. That tach would turn off and reset all the time so I took it off and replaced it with a different unit. On the original unit I wrapped it...
  20. massacre

    Pull Cord Recommendations?

    Hello, I need to replace my recoil pull cord. It’s an old Tec Hs50 I would like it to perform properly and last a decent while. I have a few engines here that could use some help in that department. Any good recommendations for pull cord? I don’t mind buying a bunch but I don’t need a gigantic...