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  1. Oldschool

    Bird flu 2

    Bird flu science too scary to publish, some say - Technology & Science - CBC News How many times can you cry wolf before people become so jaded they ignor warnings? I don't have an answere but everyday in every way I think we are getting closer to finding out. Another classic cut for a...
  2. Oldschool

    Toilet thread

    Wife calls me at work. I was working in the arse end of no place and 1st aid, my boss and every other clown is trying to raise me on Radio. Of course firts aid is being all anal retentive and tells the wife they can;t get a hol dof me unless its an emergency. So she says YES IT IS THE...
  3. Oldschool

    What is this rod from

    I have a free rod to give away. Its new and I cant remember what it fits Now its pissing me off what is this from? Honda rod for scale.... Message - Old Mini Bikes Photo Gallery Message - Old Mini Bikes Photo Gallery
  4. Oldschool

    new connecting rod

    I found rod! Can't remember what it for lol. Wrist pin is .628 rod journal 1.378. center to center is about 3. 181 Marked fan on one side, and 251 4 on the other Strange marking on it looks like a bomerang I have no ide what it fits. After some though This may be a rod for a...
  5. Oldschool

    Rememberence Day

    In Flanders fields the poppies blow Between the crosses, row on row, That mark our place; and in the sky The larks, still bravely singing, fly Scarce heard amid the guns below. We are the Dead. Short days ago We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow, Loved and were loved, and...
  6. Oldschool

    Chains for MB165

    I have 20 feet of 41 chain suitable for the MB165 This stuff is not expensive and I have no need for it. Tell me how much you want and I will send it. You pay postage and if you like buy me a cup of coffee. Canadians prefered. Nothing against my American friends but If you want to buy...
  7. Oldschool

    Testing on a bike

    This is stupid. Crazy Motorcycle Texting In India!! Funny!!! - YouTube
  8. Oldschool

    Stereo thread

    I have been kicking around for a while the idea of building a pair of mono block tube amps for an Audio system. A couple of years back I was in a very old industrial plant where amoung other things I had to keep the I love lucy line running. I did some tube stuff in college but never much...
  9. Oldschool

    The politics of film

    Hind sight is 20/20 I have for your consideration a film from 1964. Now this first link is the version of the film you and I would have seen in late 60s at a drive in. Syncornize the two clips Is something removed for...
  10. Oldschool

    Sks 56

    Anyone familiar with the Tapco 20 round mag kits for the sks? I am currious about them and hear some people have trouble with them.
  11. Oldschool

    bike crash video

    Listen to buddy grunt and bable. Sounds like he may have some head trama. Video, Interview: Mountain Biker Clobbered by Charging Antelope | Field & Stream
  12. Oldschool

    Caster oil

    Does anyone in Canada have a line on some bean oil? I need some oil to blend in with methanol for top lube. Would prefer Klotz or something familiar but I am at the point where blended RC fuel is starting to look good ( cutting it with methanol to get around 2% to 4% )
  13. Oldschool

    What American English sounds like to non-English speakers

    I have to admit I found this completely by accident. I do speak a couple of languages, French, some kitchen Russian, Ukrainian( now known as bad Ukrainain with russian verbs ) and some Fin. When you speak a language badly your become blind to a lot of it. Speak a language well and sopmetimes...
  14. Oldschool

    My Irish kids

    When things turned real ugly in Ireland this nice young couple decided to leave. The young man got a job in the mines. The young lady got a job in a beauti shop. By day my wife who scrapes hair off fat ladies lips and make one into two eyebrows looked atfter this nice Irish girl. By night...
  15. Oldschool

    Frustration with 2011

    I grew up my whole life in the shadow of heavy industry. Like many of you Americans I assume. I look around and see things and remember the fat around the edges, and by that I mean men all kinds of them stumbling over each other as we struggled to make the steel or mine or make paper all...
  16. Oldschool

    Cutting disks

    Are you using high speed cutting wheels on your hand grinder? Be aware there is some real crap out there and not all of it is Chinese. I got a batch of discs made in the EU that shatter like nothing and break up in you hand with little effort. By fluke my brother who works some place else...
  17. Oldschool

    FIxing things

    Thanks to the internet all those old issues of Periodicals that our Dad's used to read are easy to find again..... Popular Science - Google Books A quick search finds all kindso fovintaghe books on how to repair what today we often toss out. hope some of our younger members look at the...
  18. Oldschool

    new to me compressor

    So this chum of mine says he needs a new compressor ( paint guitars ) because his old one is siezed. He bought one. Upon closer inspection the centrifugal stitch is B/O and just needs to be cleaned up. Got me to thinking how many times others may have been mystified by the motor that...
  19. Oldschool

    Keystone Oil pipe line

    Are there any Texas oil refinery workers on this board? I'm trying to figuere out what the advantage of shipping Alberta tar sands oil all the way to Texas for refining is? This is heavy high sulpher crude that needs to be run through an upgrader before its even considered refinable...
  20. Oldschool

    Wanted 7 inch 30 series comet secondnary

    Looking for a 5/8 shaft 7 inch 30 series comet driven. Some Yerf dog belts to go with it would be great too.....