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  1. jrzmac

    Speedway Mini Bike

    Man I wish I had an extra $700.00 laying around somewhere? Speedway Mini Bike
  2. jrzmac

    1972 Rupp Scrambler mini bike

    this thing looks all original. except for the muffler. someone should go get it! 1972 Rupp Scrambler Mini Bike | eBay
  3. jrzmac

    Rupp Seat Cover

    anybody buy one of these seat covers from this place? I know they dont have the snaps, they're easy enough, but the cover looks pretty good for the price. let me know and if you can post a few pics, even better!! Rupp Mini Bike Roadster Replacement Seat Cover | eBay
  4. jrzmac

    Tecumseh h35 mini bike engine

    anybody see this yet? wonder what the final total is gonna be....... Tecumseh H35 3 5 HP Mini Bike Engine XL 350 1968 Mini Rupp Motor | eBay
  5. jrzmac

    Vintage 1970's Fox mini bike

    someone better go grab this thing!!!! VINTAGE1970's Mini Bike | eBay
  6. jrzmac

    Rupp 1971 black widow

    this is pretty sweet. too rich for my blood but, somebody else in Jersey may want to go grab it? not 100% original but still a really nice bike Minibike Rupp 1971 Black Widow got Chrome Minibike Vintage | eBay
  7. jrzmac

    1969 Rupp Mini Bike

    guys check this out 1969 Rupp Mini Bike | eBay the engines not original but, I've seen the gas tank alone go for close to that price a couple times!!! somebone thats nearby should jump on it.
  8. jrzmac

    Powell Challenger mini bike

    check this bad boy out dudes: Powell Challenger C Model Mini Bike Restored Rupp Taco Cat Bonanza Minibike | eBay
  9. jrzmac

    Kawasaki Coyote clutch cover

    just putting this out there to see if anybody could use one of these? you don't see Coyote parts too often. someone cut a chunk out but maybe someone can fix it? Vintage Kawasaki Mini Bike Clutch Cover | eBay
  10. jrzmac

    1972 Rupp Hustler

    Wow, somebody did a sweet job on this! Rupp Mini Bike | eBay
  11. jrzmac

    Cat Slingshot

    somebody better go grab this thing!!!! Vintage Cat Mini Bike Taco Bonanza Rupp Style Old Minibike Go Kart | eBay
  12. jrzmac

    Hurricane Sandy

    I hope all my boy's from Jersey are "battening down the hatches"!!! looks like it's coming right for us! :scared: not for nothing, we couldn't find a generator ANYWHERE yesterday. we even tried New York.. nothing!!!! we waited at Home depot yesterday for 7 hours... the said the load was...
  13. jrzmac

    Side Pooper Exhaust

    I was checking out other members pics the other day and came across a few pics of a Tecumseh side pooper. I would think an H35 but, the header was awesome. I can't for the life of me remember the persons name, but if you recognize your work, or know who came up with this, let me know if you have...
  14. jrzmac

    Kawasaki Coyote

    guys check it out, is this what I think it is? very nice restored mini bike I know theres a few things missing but, it looks to be about 70% there??
  15. jrzmac

    1969 Rupp Catalog

    Wow, just found these on Facebook. Never seen em' before!!!! wish they were bigger:
  16. jrzmac

    East Coast Taco

    Wow, somebody there in upstate New York should go jump on this sucker. Pretty rare for these parts, if it is what I think it is? And the price ain't all that bad either!!! Mini Bike
  17. jrzmac

    Bonanza Chopper Heads Up

    Guys check this out.... pretty sweet....small but sweet!!!!! maybe one of you N.Y. guys could snatch it up - Bonanza Scout chopper mini bike say's he negotiable :shrug: maybe he'll come down some?
  18. jrzmac

    1971 Rupp Black Widow

    Damn I wish I had an extra $3,000.00 laying around! This thing is SWEET. I like the seat cover, it'll look nice on my Scambler!!! 1971 Rupp Black Widow mini bike! Vintage Rupp racer w/ Dellorto. Double sharp! 1971 Rupp Black Widow mini bike! Vintage Rupp racer w/ Dellorto. Double sharp! | eBay
  19. jrzmac

    Header Wrap

    Guy's, I just bought a roll of header wrap. I don't really like the looks of it, but I was riding the kids around on Memorial Day weekend, and my niece burnt her leg getting off the bike. So, I figured I better get a roll and wrap up the header so they're not afraid to ride again. It doesn't say...
  20. jrzmac

    Ethanol Gas

    I think anyone that owns a mini bike should watch this video. It's a small engine mechanic, and what he's seen in the last 2 or 3 years is incredible what this ethanol is doing to small engines. Not just Mini Bikes but Lawnmowers, Snowblowers, even Boats! And if you live in the Northeast like...