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  1. ogygopsis

    Rarest Fox Campus Bike

    Hi guys, I thought you might enjoy seeing a few pics of the rarest Fox Campus Bike ever made. In the early sixties Fox painted their Campus bikes a color called Hi Fi red and they used white plastic fenders, cowlings, and chain guards. However, in early 1962 they began experimenting with...
  2. ogygopsis

    Fox Campus Progress Update

    Thought I would post a couple of pics of the progress on my Fox Campus restoration project. Got six of them to the roller stage and only four more to go. Waiting on one set of fenders, cowling, and chain guard to get back from the paint shop and then I'll be ready for upholstery. I hear...
  3. ogygopsis

    Windber 2017 ?

    Has anyone heard or received any information as to whether there is going to be a minibike reunion at Windber this year? After the fiasco last year I'm thinking Jeff may be fed up. And I wouldn't blame him. Any news? Ogy
  4. ogygopsis

    Never Would Have Guessed It!

    Is this really what Fox Campus bikes are worth? Looks like Rupps and Bonanzas are now in second and third place. Anyone know who this fellow is? I'd like to call and thank him. I've got a basement full of Fox Campuses and he just made me a millionaire...
  5. ogygopsis

    Just Curious

    Anyone know which state has the most minibikes. Judging by Buckeye's posts; it sure isn't Ogy
  6. ogygopsis

    Question Regarding Burgerking.

    The wife and I went to Burgerking for lunch today. The bill came to a little over eleven bucks. I pulled out a ten and two ones and laid them on the counter. The kid behind the register says that he's not allowed to pick up money off of the counter; that I have to hand it to him. Of course I...
  7. ogygopsis

    Question Regarding Subscriptions

    On some of the threads I see the word subscribe. What does it mean? Why would you do it? And how do you do it? Thanks, Ogy
  8. ogygopsis

    Fox Campus Fender Stripes....The Easy Way !

    The fenders on the Fox Campus bikes featured two parallel racing stripes that ran from the front end to the back end of each fender. Faced with the prospect of applying these stripes on twenty fenders and making sure they were centered, parallel, and straight was not a task I really wanted to...
  9. ogygopsis

    Need Help Regarding Pics On OldMiniBikes.

    For the most part I have no trouble viewing picture that other members post on this site. However, once in a while someone will post pics that are so large that I can only see a small part of each picture. The rest is off the edges of my screen. Do I need to make a setting adjustment...
  10. ogygopsis

    Solid State Module for Briggs

    Brand new, still in box, never been mounted solid state coil for Briggs. I ordered the wrong one for the motor I was working on. Part number is 440-401 and replaces Brigg's #397358. I paid $35.00 but the first $15.00 takes it. I'll pay shipping. PM me if interested. Ogy
  11. ogygopsis

    Battery Box NOS Mint

    I'm selling one NOS battery box in mint shape. The exterior is perfect but the interior has a little surface rust where they skimped on the paint. The pics tell the story. The first $25.00 plus $5.00 shipping takes it. PM me if interested. Ogy
  12. ogygopsis

    Compressor Help Needed

    Hey fellas, I've run into a problem with my shop compressor and I'm stumped. A couple of days ago I began noticing a high pitched whine and a moderate vibration of the air line whenever I turn on the inline on/off valve. Condensation in the storage tank has been drained. Can't detect any...
  13. ogygopsis

    Fox Campus Motors Are Finished

    Just finished up the ten Briggs & Stratton motors for the ten Fox Campus bikes that I am restoring and thought you might like to take a look at them. I decided to go with five of the 3hp and five of the 4hp. All of them have been blueprinted to factory specs. with all new internal and external...
  14. ogygopsis

    Sidekick front brake

    I'm selling some front brake components from a Sidekick minibike. What you see in the pictures is what you get. Price is $25.00 plus $5.00 shipping. Item will be shipped via the U.S. Post Office. Item is located in central Pa. Because I don't do paypal: payment has to be with a U.S. Postal...
  15. ogygopsis

    Need Some Briggs ID Help

    I have a Briggs model # 100202 sitting here. My local repair shop is trying to tell me that it's a 5hp motor; but from all the research I've done I'm convinced that it's a 4hp. The bore dia. is 2.490". Any of you Briggs enthusiasts out there know for sure? Thanks, Ogy
  16. ogygopsis

    Need Some Electronic Ignition Help

    I'm in the process of changing all of my 1960's three horsepower and four horsepower Briggs motors from points and condenser ignition to electronic ignition. All the new units arrived today and now I have a question. Protruding from the module are two smaller wires like in the picture below...
  17. ogygopsis

    Breaker Point Plunger Question

    I am in the process of restoring some Briggs & Stratton three and four horsepower motors. I am replacing the old breaker, points, condenser ignition systems with electronic ignition modules. I'm wondering how to approach the hole left where the old points plunger was held. The way I see it I...
  18. ogygopsis

    WTB: Briggs Gas Tank

    I'm looking for a gas tank for one of my 80202 model (3hp) Briggs motor. I would like the larger 3 Qt. size whose dimensions are 8.25" x 5.50" x 5.00". A little rust is OK but I don't want anything with dents. PM me if you've got one you're looking to sell. Thanks, Ogy
  19. ogygopsis

    WTB: Briggs Flywheel Guards

    I'm looking for two flywheel guards for my 3hp Briggs & Stratton 80202 series motors. PM me if you have any lying around. Thank you, Ogy
  20. ogygopsis

    Pulsa-jet carb. question

    I could use a little information here fellows. I have two 3hp Briggs motors I'm rebuilding and the pulsa-jet carbs. are in pretty rugged shape. However, sitting on the shelf I have two other pulsa-jet carbs. that came off of 5hp Briggs motors and they are in excellent condition. My question...