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    Not a big fan of this site.

    I've posted adds, wanted,selling, looking for. No response, I was a supporting member. Seems you need to be part of the clique that runs the site to be noticed. If you are looking for a minibike for your kids to beat on with no history or no reputable manufacturer this is the place to come. If...
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    Manco Stars and Stripes

    Anyone have any info or anything on the Manco Stars and Stripes minibike?
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    Manco Stars and Stripes kickstand

    Anyone know about the kickstand for the Manco stars and stripes chopper? Manufacturer? Dimensions? Anything?
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    68 Rupp TT500 Headlight Bezel NOS will pay top dollar

    Looking for an NOS 68 Rupp TT500 headlight bezel,and reflector. I will pay top dollar for the right parts. Thanks
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    Clinton A490 engine

    I am looking for an A490 Clinton for a vintage kart. Would like correct original engine, running or not.
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    Clinton a400 engine

    Looking for a Clinton a400 in good running condition.
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    Anyone remember when Two Guys sold mini bikes?I

    I used to drool over the mini bikes when Two Guys sold them. I remember the Two Guys in Waterbury CT had 3 different models made by Alexander Reynolds. The least expensive was green, no suspension, Tech engine for around 139. The second was orange, Tech engine, for 149. And top of the line was...
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    Tecumseh exhaust locknuts

    I'm looking for 2 NOS Tecumseh H50 exhaust locknuts. The thick ones used on Rupps.
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    Seems to be some angry forum cops on this site.

    When I post a message it seems the angry forum cops come out and tell me. I committed a crime because I posted a message that is not 100% correct dealing with the topic. Apparently these folks do not like to have any fun. What's the point in having a forum if you can't have any fun?:ohmy:
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    Broncco Dealer Manual on ebay

    I don't know how to post a link. If you search Broncco Dealer Manual it should come up.:cursing:
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    Re-plating Rupp TT500 clutch drum

    I have an NOS clutch drum, but it had some rust, and I gave it a bath in evaporust, and its just not pretty, and I would like to get re-plated. Any suggestions?:confused:
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    Bonanza model kit MISB on ebay

    There is a mint model kit on ebay Bonanza Mini Bike. I don't know how to post a link,sorry:shrug:
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    Rupp TT500/Roadster clutch shoes part no 12457

    Looking for a set of secondary clutch shoes part number 12457
  14. J

    Looking for a set of Max Torque clutch shoes-old style

    Looking for clutch shoes. NOS would be great, or nice used.
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    rupp tt500 secondary clutch drum 13002

    I am looking for Rupp tt500 secondary clutch drum part number 13002 for the jackshaft clutch.
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    Rupp 68 TT500 69 Roadster Tecumseh exhaust 45 degree elbow

    I am looking for an original 45 degree exhaust elbow for an H50 Tecumseh from 68 or 69.:helpsmilie:
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    71 Arctic Cat Screamer, How many made?

    How many Screamers were made in 71?
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    68 Rupp TT500 frame numbers

    Does anyone have any info on frame numbers in relation to engine numbers? I know the 68 TT500 used the Tecumseh H50 65151H. But what about frame numbers in relation to engine production dates?:confused:
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    Broncco TX4

    I'm putting my Broncco TX4 up for sale. Missing the foot pegs. Rear Pirelli tire is cracked, but I have a almost new correct Pirelli. Bike is all original and in great shape, not messed with. $1200.
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    69 Rupp Roadster. Restore or keep original?

    Should I restore my 69 Roadster or keep it original. I know it's original only once.