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  1. fistfullabar

    Flipped engine

    My buddy flipped his mini and his engine stopped working. I see no damage has spark and turns over. Is it possible that the valves are knocked loose? What should I look for? Engine was working fine till it flipped. He put a pred and cares not for the old one. Any ideas? Has it happened to...
  2. fistfullabar

    Is OldMiniBikes open today?

    Did they get flooded out been calling no answer?
  3. fistfullabar

    Wanted custom wire harness for mini bike!

    Want a wire harness for my tecumseh powersport 6.5 headlight taillight and maybe some blinkers? I know this engine came on certain gokarts. If anyone can has something that works let me know. If you know how to build one or can point me in the right direction I would appreciate it. Thanks.
  4. fistfullabar

    stainless flexible exhaust for intake??

    has any one used small diameter exhaust flexible stainless steel as a intake? would it work? what would be to long?
  5. fistfullabar

    Black widow motorsports!

    Anyone got pics of the dellorto intake the black widow motorsports makes? The "newer style 5hp" 1inch. What is the engine they refer too? I would like to see the shape of the intake. Thanks.
  6. fistfullabar

    1970 rupp roadster gas tank

    Is there a way to replace the threads on the bottom of the tank? Used to be able to buy a square threaded replacement that you could weld on. I swore O.M.B. used to carry them.
  7. fistfullabar

    Dellorto top ring tool?

    Is there a tool or something i can use that wont strip the outside grooves from the top ring cap where the choke and throttle cable are?
  8. fistfullabar

    Fox thunderbolt!

  9. fistfullabar


    Watching the Rubber Duck put the pedal ta the metal! Classic movie. What da you guys think?
  10. fistfullabar

    the spokes on scorpio records

    Anybody out that has or has heard of "the spokes" mini bike (built for two) and the b-side bouncing betty!!! Found it on ebay it is a 45 promo. Any ballers out there willing to shell out 200$ please play it for us!!!!
  11. fistfullabar

    hs40 carb to engine manifold bolt size

    Lost mine need too buy some so i can find um. Anyone got the specs handy for thread and pitch manifold to engine bolts?
  12. fistfullabar

    What the heck is a Mummer?

    Any one watching 14 hrs of parades:confused:? Never heard of this tradition before they only been doing it 115 years:confused:
  13. fistfullabar

    Tecumseh Motorsports OHV 195cc

    Just got this one used looks like its in decent shape would like any info and maybe a heads up on getting the right size gaskets for the intake and exhaust need 2 check OldMiniBikes still but any parts numbers would be helpful i know it shares a lot with the "powersport" OHV 6.5 that i also own comes...
  14. fistfullabar

    Husqvarna snowmobile 2 stroke engine

    I have a 1971? maybe 72 husqvarna 2 stroke 147cc engine with3/4 3.5 inches shaft i put it side by side with a HS40 to show how big it is :thumbsup: I would like to know as much as i can about:thumbsup::thumbsup:
  15. fistfullabar

    The Chrome Mini Bike Parts Thread

    im posting up my chrome nos and rehromed parts maybe be some of you guys that got the goods will post up some nice pics heres some of mine please add yours:thumbsup: more goodies later:blink:
  16. fistfullabar

    high end art gallery downtown

    it has G and S on the back of the sissy bar
  17. fistfullabar


    Sooo my cable soared from 100$ to 200$ a month called um up got it back down to 100$:out: and signed up for netflix now watching bob marleys three sons ride motorcycles thru africa its preety good so far:thumbsup:any one else see it??
  18. fistfullabar

    Chrome HS50 tank mounts and muffler

    15$ apiece plus shipping new old stock will shine up nicely
  19. fistfullabar

    tecumseh rebuild and restoration

    who can i send my engine to get it all pretty looking and mean sounding please help guys!!!!!
  20. fistfullabar

    tecumseh rebuild and restoration

    I would like to get my speedway engine rebuilt and restored to new condition.Anyone i should contact that would be willing to do it or point me in the right direction? Willing to pay whatever is reasonable. Im hoping one of the mini bike master rebuilder on here will let me pay um to do it...