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    The Landfill 69/70 El Tigre

    Been along time since I posted on here. Figured since I just got this and started working on it today, I might as well enter it in the build off. Sorry for all the text, but I like a good back story Just to think this poor thing was one bulldozer push of dirt from being gone. So here’s the...
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    Briggs ID l/model help

    I am trying to find out what model era Briggs I should be searching for. I would like to find an era correct Briggs 6hp for my tule trooper. The brochure says it would have been a 6hp Briggs and it looks like it had a blower shroud with an embossed b/s logo. But I am finding very little about...
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    WTB Tule trooper stuff

    Interested in literature, a kickstand, and a period correct Briggs for am Trooper big boy Thanks
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    Tule Trooper Big Boy Build

    Hi, Haven’t posted here in a awhile, but I’m starting a new build of a Tule Trooper. I’ve always wanted one of these utilty bikes and happened across this one. Really nice frame and all the important parts are there. I’ve started disassembly with the most critical part that makes this...
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    I don't know the make, got them with a bunch of stuff I bought. Maybe someone will recognize them. Both have a few coats of paint. Sorry for the huge pictures, can't seem to resize them on photobucket First is a front wheel 2 piece 5" lip is a little bent on one half, but doesn't affect...
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    Clutch Cover for ??

    This clutch cover was on my fox when I bought it. I am planning on using it if I can't find a correct one, well, because it fits. Of course the guy I bought it from said it was from a Rupp, but he also said the Fox was a Rupp, and I am 99% sure this is not from a Rupp. I thought if I could...
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    Bonanza wheel??

    From what I can gather this looks like it is a Bonanza MX 1500 wheel. Is there anyway I can confirm this. I was going to post in the for sale section, but did not want to misrepresent it. Any help is appreciated, Jeremy
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    WTB Fox Handlebars and other parts

    Hello, I am in need of a set of handlebars like the ones on the bike in this link. They are bolt on. I also need a tank that would bolt onto this bike and the clutch cover. Any help is appreciated, thanks
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    Craigslist stuff

    I finally got to be the guy that has a truckload of crap! I always see people posting pictures of these huge loads of stuff that they buy off craigslist etc. and am so envious... I never see anything on my local craigslist, but tonight it happened to me. I called on this bike advertised as a...
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    Engine ID?

    I have had this for about 10 years, but I don't know what it is. I got it for free from a plumbing company I worked for in high school. I took it home changed the oil, added gas and it ran great. I started it about 2 weeks later and the carburetor was leaking gas profusely, then it never...
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    Hello, I am in need of some kind of kickstand that I can make work on my Fox Doodlebug. I bought one of the universal weld on deals from OldMiniBikes warehouse, but I can't see any way of mounting it that it would work. It seems that the originals are nowhere to be found, so I am open to ideas. Let...
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    Fox Doodlebug kickstand/fork boots

    Just thought I'd see if anyone had a kickstand sitting around for one of these they wanted to sell before I rigged up my own. Also if anyone knows of a good replacement for the fork boots I would be interested in hearing about it, thanks
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    Need Help with Doodlebug Brake

    Hi, I bought this roller a few months ago and I am about to start gathering some parts and have it blasted. It has no brake setup on it now. Looks like it has some sort of drum built into rear sprocket. Does anyone know where I can get replacement parts for this or any other suggestions...
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    My latest money pit, and questions?

    I picked this pile of gems up yesterday. From what I gather the bike is a Fox Doodlebug. Frame is really straight and solid. I also got two 5hp flatheads, one complete and runs good, the other is for parts and a couple of extra shrouds. Questions: 1. Anyone know of a way to tell...
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    band brake drum for jackshaft

    Looking for a band brake drum to use on my jackshaft. It needs to fit on a 5/8 keyed jackshaft. I can't seem to find one with this bore. If anyone has one or a source, let me know thanks
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    Sears/Bird clutch/chain guard wanted

    Hello, Anyone have a chain/clutch guard similar to the on on the minibike in the picture. Bike is far from a oem restore, so I would be interested in one with good chrome or one that could be painted. Let me know if you have anything you could part with, thanks, Jeremy
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    Honda GC160 throttle help??

    I am sorry if this topic has already been covered, but I spent about 30 minutes using the search function and came up pretty much empty handed, so if you know of a thread, please link me. I know this motor doesn't have a big following, but I'm sure there are a few out there. So, my question...
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    new tire mounting tricks?

    So, tonight I was pulling the old tires off my rims in preparation for blast/powdercoating and as I'm prying and tearing with 3 different pry bars for 15 minutes each I got to thinking how in the heck am I going to get the new tires back on? These are one piece sears minibike wheels. Any...
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    Super Bronc parts

    I am starting to collect parts for a project I'm going to do. I have a really clean roller super bronc frame. I believe it was a VT-7. I figured I would let the parts I can find dictate whether I restore it or rod it. I was able to purchase an original sprocket from a member here, so I figured...
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    My Sears Project

    I am finally going to finish a Sears minibike project I've been sitting on for a few years. I have actually known the bike for about 13 years. One of my friends bought it from another friend in high school and we completely rigged up an old briggs on it and ran the crap out of it for a few...