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  1. CLH

    Prototype 2x2 Bonham Tote Gote

    Thought this bike was very interesting and of historic significance. It's been on eBay for over a month now, it isn't mine, but it is a very rare prototype 2x2 Tote Gote! Very similar to a Rokon. I had heard tales of the 2x2 Tote Gote being developed for the military by Bonham, but not being...
  2. CLH

    Loose clutch cover - Climbaway clutch

    The clutch cover on my clutch is loose, and I'm wondering what can be done to fix the problem. It's a Bonham climbaway clutch on a Tote Gote 670, the cover sits between the engine and the actual clutch. The cover has a spot for the key stamped into it, and is also supposed to have a smaller tab...
  3. CLH

    Solved an odd torque convertor clutch problem

    I was changing out the belt on my Tote Gote Nova. The torque convertor driver clutch kept pushing up against the motor so tight that it wouldn't turn over whenever I tightened the bolt down on the end of the shaft that holds the clutch to it. At first I thought my motor had seized somehow! A...
  4. CLH

    Fuel Filter Question

    Am I correct? A larger micron fuel filter allows for more fuel flow but less filtration. (bigger pores in filter) A smaller micron fuel filter allows for less flow but more filtration. (smaller pores in filter) Briggs recommends their red color 150 micron fuel filter for engines without...
  5. CLH

    Folding (modified) CT70

    Okay this is a long shot but here goes...Years ago I was given a 1973ish CT70 by a family friend. He was a pilot and the frame of this ct70 had been modified so that it could fold in half by removing a bolt at the top of the frame and unplugging a connector in the wiring harness. This made it...
  6. CLH

    Climbaway clutch engine RPM

    What was the max RPM Tote Gote's with the Climbaway clutch ran from the factory? I have two Tote Gote Nova's. One is a 670 I put a 7hp Tecumseh engine on, the other is a unmolested, well-preserved, 675 with the stock 6hp Briggs aluminum engine. Both run the same 1" shaft Climbaway clutch made by...
  7. CLH

    Tote Gote parts

    WANTED: Handlebar grips Brake Levers Foot Pegs (sans the covers, I can get those a lot of places) Rear fender (for Nova 670) Any condition. Name your price. Need to finish my restoration. Please send me a Private message or quote my post here so I am notified you have these parts...
  8. CLH

    Forestry Service Approved Spark Arrestor Muffler

    Looking for a forestry service approved muffler with a spark arrestor like a Taylor muffler or a Nelson muffler. Just needs the "US forestry service approval" stamp on it. 3/4 inch threads needed, no smaller or bigger. Thank you, reply or send me a PM.
  9. CLH

    Tecumseh Dipstick

    Looking for a dipstick and oil fill pipe for a 4-7 hp Tecusmeh flathead like the one pictured. Need for my build. PM me if you have one please.
  10. CLH

    (rusty) Tecumseh H50 blower housing / recoil shroud - FREE

    I bought this shroud off eBay and the bottom ended up having rust holes in the bottom when I started sanding it. Didnt want to use it on my resto because of it. Other than the few small holes its solid. Extra ventilation. It came from Michigan. :hammer: It is free to anyone willing to pay...
  11. CLH

    Rare Mustang Trail Machine on eBay

    This isn't my bike, but these are rare so I had to share it. Here is a rare 1962 mustang trail machine with it's original 5 & 3/4 hp Briggs engine with the oil bath air cleaner- Look at that motor! It seems to have a (likely multi-speed) gearbox that has some sort of kickstart mechanism on it...
  12. CLH

    Timing a Tecumseh 7hp without a dial gauge?

    I need to replace the points and condenser on my HH70 Tecumseh due to a no-spark situation. The manual says I can set the points "by rotating the crankshaft until the point arm is resting on the high side of the ignition cam." My problem is I can't really tell where the highest point in the...
  13. CLH

    Tote Gote Rear Fender

    Wanted: Rear fender for Tote Gote Nova model 670. A 680/780 rear fender might work too. PM if you have one and tell me your price. Thank you
  14. CLH

    Why does my new recoil have a knot in it?

    I bought a new recoil assy for my 7hp Tec and there is a knot holding out about 2 feet of rope or so. :doah: Why? How come? What happens if I untie it? :confused: This is it and what it looks like:
  15. CLH

    Tote Gote Nova Fuel Pump Pulse Line Input Help

    I am restoring a Tote Gote 670 Nova. I need to run a pulse line to power the new pump, and I am wondering the best place to do so on this particular engine. I'm guessing I will need a fuel pump as these bikes came stock with a oldschool mechanical Tecumseh one that ran off the cam, as the...
  16. CLH

    Question about crankcase breather setups

    Hi, For my Cast iron HH70 build I had to purchase a new air cleaner assembly, I decided to go with a kit I found on Ebay shown in the picture below. It has a cast iron elbow and paper element that some of the cast iron industrial "X/L series" Tecumsehs' came with. This means that the crankcase...
  17. CLH

    Tecumseh HH70 Blower housing, no electric starter/snow

    Looking for a clean/usable blower housing for a Tecumseh HH70 engine, NO electric starter bump. Looking for one WITHOUT fuel line/primer bulb holes in it (like a snowblower model). I just need a regular HH70's blower housing for this engine. I don't necessarily need the recoil portion of the...
  18. CLH

    Tote Gote Nova Rubber Mounts, Decals

    Hello OldMiniBikes members, I am looking for 2 sets of the LORD Rubber sandwich mounts used on the 670 and 675 Tote Gote Novas. I own a 670 (under restoration) and a 675 (operable) both need a set of new mounts because the old are worn-out and ancient. I know several have replaced their mounts...
  19. CLH

    H60 or H70 Tecumseh

    Looking for a Tecumseh H60 or H70 engine. (or any 6/7hp Tecumseh model variant) Needs 1" shaft, at least 2 3/4" inches long with 1/4 inch keyway. Any era, any condition as long as its complete or near complete. Going onto a early 60's Tote Gote Nova 670. Thanks
  20. CLH

    Wanted Briggs & Stratton 8hp flathead

    I am looking for a flathead 8hp Briggs motor. 8hp with 1 inch shaft. Shaft must be at least 2 3/4 inches long. Or provide me a model number and type to see if I can find a shaft to swap in. Cases should be smooth without studs sticking out, most I/C series engines will NOT fit in this...