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  1. kbs8ball


    I have tried to respond to a few PMs today and it seems to not be going through. Send me an email
  2. kbs8ball

    Rollin on 2 wheels

    Myself I been riding 2 wheels since I was a small kid. It only takes a small mistake to ruin everything So be careful out there. I lost one of my best friends on Friday, he crashed his motorcycle last Saturday, no other vehicles involved in the crash, he hit his head real bad and was in icu for...
  3. kbs8ball

    Road trip!!!

    Im leaving for sturgis in the AM on my 07 night train...this will be my first long distance run on a bike, I cant wait to be rollin down the highway.
  4. kbs8ball

    Bonanza ???

    They look cool all together.
  5. kbs8ball

    Train horn

    anyone ever hook a train horn up to anything? a super loud freight train horn...i want one for my night train. im tired of cars being in my way.
  6. kbs8ball

    found a MX

    I went and pick this up yesterday, I needed a rider for windber. Im heading down in the AM,I cant wait to do some riding. found it on craigslist of course.
  7. kbs8ball

    bonanza 1210 seat

    I made this for a guy but i forgot he wanted piping. its a 1210 bonanza seat with no piping. 40 bucks shipped to your door.
  8. kbs8ball

    MINIBIKESEATS.COM go check it out.

    Well Ive been thinking of having a website for years. I dont know if its going to stay up or not. go check it out and tell me if i should keep it. Thanks guys
  9. kbs8ball


    Ive had this thing on ebay a few here ya go. its 12 x 7.5 x 5.5 with 2 mount holes 7.5" on center. 1 " pleats. 35 bucks shipped.
  10. kbs8ball

    ELTIGRE near columbus ohio

    looks nice and original... I dont have the link...someone go get it...check for eltigre on the columbus ohio CL. dude wants 300 and it looks clean.
  11. kbs8ball

    Another one followed me home

    Some kind of Rupp, I like it, Not sure what im doing with it.
  12. kbs8ball

    Clinton panther A400

    just like the title says...I want the A400 for a lil indian model 300....any condition
  13. kbs8ball

    CAT 400X seat

    I have A LOT of cat patterns. Thanks to BAB for this one. This one belongs to Derekbmn.
  14. kbs8ball

    Just drove an hour for this little gem

    Lil indian, with 4" mags, sprotor and brake caliper...and original seat. sorry for the crappy pics...its dark out already...ill get some better ones tomorrow. Now what to do with it??? Greg must have been busy today and didnt see this one. Thanks man.:thumbsup:
  15. kbs8ball

    Making a Duster chopper seat

    Heres a couple of pics, Ill have these 3 done tomorrow. Ill post more pics then also of the back rests.
  16. kbs8ball

    Bonanza MX forks

    like the title says...I need a MX front end. bars and the whole deal. PM me.
  17. kbs8ball

    Im back

    I have a project to fund so I'm back taking seat orders. Actually this year I haven't had much time off from seats. I stll been taking orders just not as many. Anyway hit me up if ya want a quality seat for a fair price. Thanks guys!
  18. kbs8ball

    Scored a Bonanza MX today

    Picked this up today. its mostly there just needs some TLC. :lol: I did get to ride it so it does run. the back wheel is the correct 8" spinner. the front forks need help the guts are gone. I forget how these look inside...I think a spring with round stock on each end? someone enlighten me please.
  19. kbs8ball

    spring is approaching

    With spring coming up fast its time for me to give my sewing machine a rest. Within the next week or 2 I will stop taking seat orders untill the end of the summer.
  20. kbs8ball

    seat deal for OldMiniBikes members

    I will knock 10 bucks off my buy it now prices to all OldMiniBikes members. check out my ebay listings.... send me an offer 10 under my BIN and I will accept it.