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  1. David wulf

    1969 Powell E model for sale

    Here is probably the finest restoration ever on a Powell. Was restored by member Scottesy and it’s perfect. has also been signed by the Powell brothers. Price 2,500 plus shipping. Bike is in Wilmington North Carolina .
  2. David wulf

    New flat track bike

    Made the frame a couple years ago took her racing and didn’t do final shinny on it . now she’s done .
  3. David wulf

    Flat tracker build

    Built this bike a couple years ago raced it one weekend and never really finished it . So I’am getting get ready for more racing and it needed finished.
  4. David wulf

    Bonanza 60 tooth sprocket

    For sale is a 60 tooth bonanza sprocket. Came off of the MX spinner rim . In excellent shape. Location Knoxville Tn Price 75.00 plus shipping OBO
  5. David wulf

    Rupp roadster repop tav cover

    Rupp roadster plastic TAV cover . Location Knoxville Tn Price 75.00 plus shipping OBO
  6. David wulf

    Rupp scramble or roadster rear sprockets

    Have two rupp sprockets Location Knoxville tn Price 30.00 ea plus shipping OBO
  7. David wulf

    Doodle bug 70 tooth sprocket

    For sale is a DB 70 tooth sprocket in great condition. Location Knoxville Tn Price 27.50 shipped in the lower 48
  8. David wulf

    Bonanza steel repop chain guards

    These are 16 gauge steel chain guards . Were made off of the fiberglass OldMiniBikes repops sold years ago . Theses even have to dome shape on the round section , not an easy thing to do . Location Knoxville Tn Price 75 plus shipping These run about 10-15 to ship usps .
  9. David wulf

    My drag cruiser

    Here’s a bike I built a few years ago . Frame is 1” .083 mild steel . Has bonanza MX wheels . Also running a Honda electric start stock bore .060 thou stroker crank . Engine was built by NR racing and is his unlimited mod extreme . Has a salsbury 330 TAV to a jack shaft . Aluminum belt guard...
  10. David wulf

    New flat tracker

    This bike is modeled after the super Powell, with similar geometry . The frame is 1 1/4” .065 chromoly. Suspension front forks off the super Powell a long with the brakes . Rear shock is a fast ace adjustable unit. For power I went with a Barry Young alcohol 224 cc predator. All I can say is...
  11. David wulf

    Repop bonanza chain guards

    For sale are repop bonanza chain guards made from 18 ga steel . Price is 125.00 shipped
  12. David wulf

    Bonanza 72 tooth sprocket for the MX wheels want

    72 tooth sprocket wanted that fits a bonanza spinner wheel and the bendix brake .
  13. David wulf

    My custom rider

    This is a frame I built a year and a half ago had it in a build off and didn’t finish it . Well she’s finally done . She rolls on bonanza mx wheels with Shinko 421 tires . Power is a electric start Honda GX200 limit mod built by NR racing. Trans is a NOS Salsbury 330 tav .
  14. David wulf

    Flatty pics

    HS 50 and a Briggs flatty the ultimate engines
  15. David wulf

    My scratch built rider and drag bike

    I built this frame back in early 2017 , had it in the build off and didn’t finish it . Well i’am finally finishing it . I’ve had her powder coated satin black and cost 40 bucks , gotta love East Tennessee. Power is the original motor off the super Powell. It’s a NR racing built Honda go 200...
  16. David wulf

    New flat track bike

    Well like it says iam building a new flat tracker , I’ve retired the super Powell which was the ultimate track bike . Iam using some parts off the other , wheels , swing arm, jackshaft assembly. And other things . This is a tube frame bike with dual rear shocks and inverted front forks .
  17. David wulf

    Real Honda lighted flywheel with starter ring

    500.00 If someone wants this find me on Facebook and we'll talk .
  18. David wulf

    Modded HS50

    Here's some eye candy for you Tecumseh people. It's a 1991 HS 50 with some mild modifications, which are . 10 over stock piston ARC billet rod Dyno 255 cam Tec Motorsports coil TEC Motorsports Tilley carb Intake port has been epoxied up and reshaped round and ported Exhaust...
  19. David wulf

    David Wulf's Rupp Scrambler rebuild

    Like it says here's a little rebuild of my Rupp scrambler . which amounts to putting my modded HS50 on this bike . It's always had a Honda or predator on it and I thought it was time to go with what belongs on it a Tecumseh flatty . This afternoon I got the motor sprayed in Eastwood hot rod...
  20. David wulf

    Lucedale Ms flat track bikes

    Like it says these are my flat track bikes that iam taking down south to do battle with . My original 1970 Powell challenger model E ,My brothers 1967 Powell model B . Both are powered by slightly modified Briggs flatty's. The third bike is the somewhat famous super Powell . It has been lowered...