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  1. thebronc4019

    Horsepower of B&S Engine

    I have a 1964 Fox Campus mini and am almost positive that the engine is original as is everything else on this survivor. It was listed as coming with a 3 HP Briggs. The model number is #80202 and the type is 948194. I attempted to decipher the numbers but cannot confirm that it is 3 HP, can...
  2. thebronc4019

    Fox Campus the "Holy Grail"

    I joined this forum in 2008 when I was restoring a K&S Hornet which was voted "Mini Bike of the Month" in October 2008 when they still had that competition. I have not been on here much in last 12 years except to display a Cushman "Step Thru" scooter that I restored. Since I first saw a Fox...
  3. thebronc4019

    Cushman Scooter Winter Project

    Last spring I purchased a 1947 Cushman "Step Thru" Scooter Model #54. I posted some pictures of it but am unable to retrieve old threads ever since the OldMiniBikes website was updated. I am posting these pictures again as I have now started on this project. Although I have owned it since April 2014 I...
  4. thebronc4019

    1947 Cushman "Step-Thru" Scooter

    I just got this. I have to resist working on it so I have a project for next winter. It is mechanically sound with a freshly rebuilt engine but the body is atrocious. It came with a title so I can register it and drive it on the street, slowly due to the fact that it is severely...
  5. thebronc4019

    2 Mint K&S Hornets For Sale

    Gold K&S has been restored. All original parts except for engine and torque converter and tires. Engine is 5 H.P. Tecumseh with proper throttle hook-up. Torque converter is a Comet. Bike runs great. This bike was previously voted for and featured as "Mini Bike of the Month" on this forum when...
  6. thebronc4019

    Fitting for import gas tank

    I recently purchased on of those gas tanks that comes with the motorized bicycle kits. I a using it on an Alexander-Reynolds build. Does anyone know the size and threads on the outlet at the bottom of the above-mentioned tank. I would assume that they are metric because I am sure the tank was...
  7. thebronc4019

    H35 Exhaust Valve

    I am rebuilding a Tecumseh H35 and ordered parts almost 2 months ago from a large on-line supplier. The order was delayed because they were waiting for the above-mentioned exhaust valve from the manufacturer. I was informed today that they can supply all of the other parts I ordered but will not...
  8. thebronc4019

    Craftsman/Tecumseh Side-Popper Questions

    I have had this engine in my shed for years and now I have decided to use it on a project but I have some questions. I did a search of this site and a Google search and cannot find my particular engine number cross-referenced. The number is 143 7440232. I know that the 143 is the Tecumseh...
  9. thebronc4019

    Briggs 5 HP flathead with 1 inch crankshaft

    I have a 5 H.P. B&S, model #135202 that has a 1 inch crankshaft with a scored bore. For my application I need a 1 inch crank. Am I correct in believing that typical B&S 5 H.P. engines that have a 3/4 inch output shaft are actually 1 inch in the block and turned down after the crank passes...
  10. thebronc4019

    WANTED: Unrestored Cushman Scooter

    Not quite a mini-bike but somewhat in the same family. Looking to purchase or make a trade for some restored bikes mimi-bikes that I own. Need a project.
  11. thebronc4019

    Scrub Brake Performance Improvement

    I am finishing my current project and just went for a test ride which revealed a problem. The bike is equipped with a scrub brake and does not stop the bike adequately. I would like to modify it a bit to improve braking and need feedback from others in this area. I have seen the pieces that are...
  12. thebronc4019

    Easy Way To Get Complete Coverage When Painting A Frame

    I am getting ready to paint my current project. It is always a challenge to contort the spray-gun to get all of the hidden nooks and crannies covered on a frame. I came up with an easy solution by fabricating some brackets for my engine stand and now I can rotate the bike 360 degrees while I am...
  13. thebronc4019

    Fox Campus Color

    Does anyone know the automotive color code which most closely matches the blue on a Fox Campus? I do not have a Campus, I wish I did, but I would like to paint my current project that color just because I like the color so much. It does resemble the "Marina Blue" which was available on...
  14. thebronc4019

    K & S Resto-Mod

    Back in 2008 when I restored a "top-of-the-line" K&S Hornet I was able to purchase a base model Hornet locally to get some parts from it. That bike has been sitting in my shed for the last 5 years while I completed another car restoration. Now that the car is done and I am itching to build...
  15. thebronc4019

    Finished Restoration of my 1959 Nash Metropolitan

    I have not done anything with minibikes in the last 5 years because I was busy with this project. The car was a complete "rustbucket" hence the reason the restoration took me 5 years. Did the entire project except for the rebuild of the engine myself. Fun and unusaul car is a blast to drive.
  16. thebronc4019

    Lawnmower Re-power with Harbor Freight Engine

    Don't know if this helps anyone but I will post and see. My Craftsman lawnmower quit on me after just three years. Mower deck and wheels were fine but engine was toast. I made a pattern to see if a replacement engine from Harbor Freight would fit and it did. The vertical shaft engine was...
  17. thebronc4019

    Cushman Dealership

    Recently I was speaking with a friend of mine who is a legendary "Hot Rodder" in the area. He asked me about the minibike I had restored. In speaking with him I found out that in the sixties he incorporated a Cushman dealership into the auto-body shop that he has owned for decades. Thought the...
  18. thebronc4019

    Manco 6 inch front wheel

    I am looking for a Manco style 6 inch split front aluminum wheel. I could buy it or I have some stuff to trade if you are interested. Thanks, thebronc4019
  19. thebronc4019

    New Production Little Bike

    Today I went into PEP boys to buy some oil. I saw a very small mini which is powered by an electric motor, I love small minis. I have seen many on this site but knew that I would never fork out enough money to own one. Once I saw the bike in the store I remembered that someone posted a build...
  20. thebronc4019

    Knockout Metal Punch Set

    I know that we would all like to buy quality tools that perform well and last. The problem is that sometimes you only need a tool for limited use and you can't justify the cost of top quality equipment. This came into play this week when I was fabricating some new inner rocker panels for my 1959...