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  1. Firebro17

    WTB Taylor Muffler for Tecumseh

    Looking for a nice Taylor muffler for my Tecumseh. I can purchase or trade you back a Briggs muffler. PM or email me if you might be if some help. Thanks!
  2. Firebro17

    Misc parts for sale

    Pair of shocks for sale. Not sure what they're for, but they were on my Bonanza frame when I got it... Not for Bonanza, but will fit. 30 bucks plus shipping. Also have axle bolts and 6" kick stand leg that may be of interest to someone.
  3. Firebro17

    WTB Bonanza Kickstand

    Looking for a kickstand that'll work on my BC1300 project. I've got a freshly electroplated 6" stand that's not going to work without too much modification... Thanks!
  4. Firebro17

    Bonanza Clutch Guard

    HELP!!! I'm in need of a pair of Bonanza Clutch Guard brackets for a BC1300. This bike has a jack shaft and the brackets I have will not work... OldMiniBikes Warehouse is out if stock and I need these ASAP. Thanks very much!
  5. Firebro17

    Sausage fuel tank wanted

    Looking to buy a 3ish" x 8ish" sausage fuel tank. Needs to have the discharge on the opposite end from the filler. Email or pm me if you've got one you're willing to cut loose. I may entertain a trade of sorts for the fully refurbished chrome plated one I'm selling. Thanks!
  6. Firebro17

    Sausage Fuel Tank

    I've got to part with this fully refurbished chrome tank as it won't work with my application, as I had thought. It measures 4" x 8 1/2" and has a 3/8" threaded nipple in the bottom. Cap is freshly electroplated and tank is freshly chromed. The refinishing came out exceptional! There are two...
  7. Firebro17

    Bonanza Rear Shock Springs Needed!

    I'm in need of two rear springs for the Bonanza shocks I'm refurbishing. It seems the springs fell apart at the chrome shop and now I have tubes without springs..... Also in need of the inner top piece where the springs attach.
  8. Firebro17

    WTB: Z50 Parts

    I'm looking for some Z50 parts for my Son's project. He is looking for chrome front and rear fenders and a few other miscellaneous parts. Please contact me if you may have what we're looking for or if you know of a source for us to contact. Thanks, Jon.
  9. Firebro17

    BC1300 Resto Project

    Ok, so I believe I've now gathered nearly all the parts I need to take the plunge on my build project. While I'm still lacking a few minor items, I can at least now get to work and have this thing ready to assemble over the Winter. Thanks to Guardrail Dave and Minibike Paul for supplying some...
  10. Firebro17

    Wanted: Bonanza Throttle Assy and Grips

    I'm looking for a NOS 1" twist throttle assembly and the left hand side grip for my Bonanza 1300 resto project. I will entertain other grip styles, but really want to get my hands on the original style... No pun intended. :laugh: Drop me an email or contact me here if you can assist me...
  11. Firebro17

    Misc. Parts For Sale

    Up for sale are a few items I have no need to keep... 1. Pair of 6" Kidney Bean wheels with General 4.10/3.5-6 tires. Not perfect but straight and in very nice shape without road rash. Attempted to seperate and broke one of the screws so I stopped what I was doing. $60.00 2. A well used...
  12. Firebro17

    Seeking Bonanza Parts

    I'm just beginning my BC1300 resto project and am in need of several misc parts. My intent is to restore this bike to be as period correct as is practical and I need to have it completed by March 2014. Here's a sample of what I'm looking for: Front and Rear Axle Assemblies Front and Rear...
  13. Firebro17

    Wanted Tecumseh 4.5 HP Engine

    Looking for a 4 1/2 HP Tecumseh for my Bonanza build. Please contact me if you can help! Jon.
  14. Firebro17

    Minibike wanted for restoration

    I'm looking for a vintage bike I can restore to be used as a pit bike when we go racing with a Classic Mini Cooper. I would prefer that all the parts and pieces are there! I am located in Central California. Please contact me if you have what I might be looking for. Thanks, Jon.