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  1. cpt.slow

    Anybody know a clutch that won't sputter and engages fast

    I'm looking for a clutch that won't sputter and doesn't take a long time to stop the slip transition
  2. cpt.slow

    im looking for a frame with suspention to replace my c250

    i need a good frame with suspention. any models or makes ?
  3. cpt.slow

    Minibikemotovlogs new youtube channel check it out

    I've created a youtube channel and I vlog and ride around towns d talk about mini bike stuff. Enjoy
  4. cpt.slow

    How much power will a 0.10 gasket add to my clone

    The stock is a 0.40 how much of a difference will it make
  5. cpt.slow

    arc regular billet flywheel VS arc small billet flywheel

    if i get the small one will i have to re position my tci. and between the two what are some diffrances:shrug:
  6. cpt.slow

    I've created a minibike moto vlog YouTube channel

    MinibikeMotoVlogs check it out. So far I only have 1 moto vlog vid but I'm gunna do a minimum of 2 a week. I tell funny stories, troll, bike talk, tech talk, and all kinds of stuff. Enjoy:thumbsup::scooter::laugh:
  7. cpt.slow

    I'm thinking about making a minibike moto vlog

    So I'm thinking about making a motovlog like 6foot4honda or bakerxderick. Should I go for it? Nobody's making a minibike motovlog
  8. cpt.slow

    1967 rupp c-250

    My 6.5hp Titan powered c250 it has an extremely strong frame, i mean like ungodly tough and it's small and light its a great all around bike I'm posting pictures in a minute
  9. cpt.slow

    Is it ok to ride a clone with the stock muffler cut off

    I was curious cuz my dads being a dick about it
  10. cpt.slow

    Any Minneapolis Minnesota mini bikers out there

    Minneapolis mn minibikers I would like to get together some time to ride around and have some fun some time maybe set up a minibike show.:thumbsup:
  11. cpt.slow

    what fenders will fit on my rupp c-250

    i need fenders cuz when i ride after the rain i get sand in my face:doah:
  12. cpt.slow

    how rare are rupp c-250s

    i cant find a gas tank but i can find reproduction stickers. and how many did they make?
  13. cpt.slow

    dogbone exhaust

    has anyone else heard of these. i heard there really good but ive never seen one can someone post a pic. thanks:thumbsup:
  14. cpt.slow

    dogbone exhaust

    anybody ever hear about a dogbone exhaust. ive never seen them but i hear theyre really good. can someone post a pic of one?
  15. cpt.slow

    anybody ever set off a car alarm before

    im wondering if after i do some super high comp mods i will be able to set off alarms. yes im a bit of a hoon :devil2:
  16. cpt.slow

    anybody here have xbox live

    i was wondering if any of you have xbox live so we can chat about bikes and play some games :rockon:
  17. cpt.slow

    how can i improve my throttle response on my clone. thanks

    i would like the throttle to be a little less mushy what can i do:doah:
  18. cpt.slow

    anybody know whats the BEST all around exhaust with the best throttle response.thanks

    i want to buy a new exhaust for my clone and if its possable i would like something that wont burn my leg or tush if not i can just wrap it:thumbsup:
  19. cpt.slow

    anybody know why brutepowerpipes has been offline for updating for so long

    how long does it take to edit a freakin page. i just want to order the 4 stage bulge tip clone header
  20. cpt.slow

    i need help with brakes on rupp c250

    ok so i need to get brakes on my rupp c250 i dont have any mounting bolts on the back but i do on the front. i want discs but i dont know. i dont have the stock turbine rims. can sombody give me a list of parts. thanks:thumbsup: