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  1. owend

    MM-B212 PRO

    Does anyone know what the TAV belt size is so I can see if I can get one locally. Thanks!
  2. owend

    ARCO Chopper

    Selling off a couple of bikes due to divorce. Attorney's aren't cheap! Asking $250.00. for the ARCO chopper. NOS ATLAS roller none left anymore. You also could use a Flathead or a OHV motor on this frame . All new wheels, tires, fenders, grips/ throttle, brakes ,cables, kill-switch, #35 sprocket...
  3. owend

    Tecumseh HS 40

    This was not from a mini bike and not sure what it was on originally. I think it is a 1969 engine, correct me if I am wrong. Has good spark and compression. The shaft size is, 3/4 x 2.25 non threaded. Model# HS 40-55247a Serial 9231 12284. $250.00 plus the ride from NY 13032 I might have a White...
  4. owend

    Briggs 6.5 hp

    Went start my pressure washer and it was like pulling over a 20 hp engine. I winterized it and it was not left outside. It will start, ok on starting fluid, and runs great after that. Are the valves that far off?
  5. owend


    I have paper templates to make the 3 styles of chain guards they made for their bikes. I was hoping that someone can put them to use.
  6. owend

    ARCO Chopper

    I just brought this roller home that was sitting in the top of a pole barn. Why not! The bike is #1.
  7. owend

    I have no idea on this one?

    I would like some help on this one. Engine plate seems non factory, same as the fenders.
  8. owend

    Tecumseh HS lighting coil

    Selling a dual lighting coil and flywheel, non points that fits HS40, HS50 and maybe OHV 70. $150.00 plus shipping from N.Y. 13032 Will get pictures tomorrow.
  9. owend

    New find

    I just picked up a Monster Moto 212 for my 10 year old daughter. He sister will inherit her old one. I have to re-route the brake lines, cables, change the oil and brake fluid, tighten all the bolts and ready to ride. Seems to be decently made for a Chinese made bike.
  10. owend

    DB 30

    My Daughter want some front suspension on her bike. I was wondering if anyone has recently used pit bike tubes and made up new mounting plates. It seems that you can't find the bolt on ones. Thanks for any help!
  11. owend

    HS 50

    Selling two HS 50 non points with 3/4 cranks that are running. The one without the tank in the picture has a new carb, plug and head gasket and will include a tank and bracket. $100.00 Second one runs well and the blower housing has a tear above the throttle. $70.00 Prices are plus shipping...
  12. owend

    Super Bronc driven clutch

    Stupid question to ask. Is the VT8 A 30 series clutch and does it have a bronze bushing?The bike that I'm working on eats belts and everything is centered and the parts are seem to be working right. Thanks!
  13. owend

    Tecumseh HS tank

    I had the mount modified to look and fit on a HS series motor and will need to be painted to match your motor. $125.00 plus shipping from N.Y. 13032 Thanks
  14. owend

    Gx 160

    I have GX160 that is running rich. It is all stock except for an 8 degree advance key and an Autolite AR3910X spark plug. Any ideas? Thanks for the help!
  15. owend

    1970 Honda CT 70

    This belongs to another member and was restored by Jeff at Restoration Specialties in Windber Pa. I cleaned the carb, replaced the rims with new chrome ones, (the originals had some surface rust on them), changed the oil, lubed and adjusted the cables and some other details. It is in very nice...
  16. owend

    Subaru Ex 17 tank swap

    I was wondering if anyone knows if a Honda GX 160 or clone tank will swap over to a Subaru. I have one that has a very small pinhole leak on my brother in law's bike. Thanks!
  17. owend

    Honda GC 160/190 Header Pipes

    Mariah made 3 of these out of heavy gauge 3/4 OD steel tubing and are a one off project. The flanges need to be welded and trimmed to fit your bike or can be used as is after being welded. New header bolts will be included also.This is one of the best ways to increase the power over the stock...
  18. owend

    Tecumseh stator and flywheel

    This is the 7 amp/ 84 watt 5 magnet, complete set that is getting really hard to find as a set. It will fit 8 to 10hp and maybe up to 12hp, not 100% sure on that one. If you have a bike and want to run lights, keep your battery charged for electric start, this is what you want. $150.00 or best...
  19. owend

    Tecumseh H35 Powersport

    This was from a Murray Track 2 bike That had the fixed jet carb that was no good and I replaced it with a knock off carb. It ran awesome when it wanted to with the chinese carb but the float would not stay adjusted correctly. I would say that a new Tecumseh carb rebuild kit and you should be...
  20. owend

    Honda 5.5

    Installed an 8 degree advance key, lighting coils and flywheel on a stock GX160. I have had this one for years and it was on a pressure washer with a bad pump. Starts right up and not sure if the key did anything at all. I wanted to know if this will get me a little hp, or should I go further...