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    Honda 50

    Mini Bike
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    I started out looking for a Sensation Chopper like I had when I was a kid in the early 70's. I have moved on to complete my Sensation mini collection with a Mike Bike. I plan on keeping the chopper for my son and the Mike Bike for my daughter... I hope they love mini's as much as I do... Its...
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    Show us your muffler!

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    what is this?

    what is this?
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    mini bike

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    For sale: Rupp digger,mdt,and broncco tx1

    Rupp digger frame and rear wheel 60.00 mdt frame and front wheel 40.00 broncco tx1 frame, wheels,and tires 110.00 all sold
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    Man on mini-bike slain in South L.A. shooting, LAPD says -
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    any idea what kind of mini this is?

    The rims look like rupp
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    Sensation chopper wanted

    Looking for Sensation Chopper in any condition... Willing to Pay top Dollar for complete chopper or parts..I had one back in the 70's but my dad turned it into a boat motor stand.. Please send email if you have and are willing to sell!!
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    What kind of mini bike is this?

    I found this mini bike on cragslist yesterday.... Any idea what kind it is and what year...
  11. bandit77

    What kind if mini bike is this?

    I found this mini bike yesterday...anyone know what it is?