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  1. 5horsebriggs

    moneypak and paypal...

    how are your guys experiences, im havin a bad time with mine trying to send mb165 money for some top end parts, we have both dont everything and itsnot workin, any of you guys use money pak for paypal?
  2. 5horsebriggs

    snowhog/ deep tread tire for 6inch rim

    really like the carlsile snow hogs and was wondering if anybody had one as my rear is preetty bald will pay with a mo the taller the tire the better
  3. 5horsebriggs

    Cr80 parts wanted

    It's a long shot but I need a piston and rings for a 1980-82 cr80
  4. 5horsebriggs


    well it looks like im getting a cr80 tomorow for a killer price and im excited is and old 81 which i think is an elsinore? but the giy said it runs but needs carb work what you guys think about them? i heard they are fast
  5. 5horsebriggs

    predator jet wanted

    cant find a gosh darn drill bit or want to order the kit since im a cheepo, i only need the one and the kit comes with three so someone probably has an extra, i will have to pay with money order, thanks
  6. 5horsebriggs

    wanted dirt bike/ quad n.y.

    well i need somethin for long trail rides and i want somethin a little diffrent than mini for the trails, i want a project bike like a cr80 really anything, nothings to big
  7. 5horsebriggs

    cheeftah mini bike frame long island

    hate to see her go but need money for a new project, preferibly something with suspension :laugh: just the plain frame , looking for 100 or best offer, i do not want to ship the frame its in ronkonkoma n.y. i will also trade for something to use off road or even a dirt bike or quad woth cash on...
  8. 5horsebriggs

    wheelie bars

    how do you guys make wheelie bars? i want to make a removeable one for my azusa, right now i just have a bar on one side is that good enogh? should i put it on both sides?
  9. 5horsebriggs

    110cc engine- long island

    i now have no use for it, i really dont want to ship because ive never done it before, its a 4speed with clutch i personaly have only got it to pop with a homemade wirinng harnes, it needs a sproket cover and a wiring harness, i dont know what to sell it for so i will start at 100
  10. 5horsebriggs

    Got pulled over today

    Riding my mini because I just fixed the break and I went down the rode when a cop was coming towed me on the wrong side of the rode and Put its lights on and everything and told me to walk it home and she shouldn't see me on it again, too Bad she doesn't know my adress or Name so if it happens...
  11. 5horsebriggs

    honda elite50

    Bought one of a neighbor for 30$ brought it home and fixed it up And drove it around , it rides great but I'm gunNa mod just a couple things like exaughst and restrictor plate just to.get it a little quicker. Anyone have Any tips about it? Its an 87
  12. 5horsebriggs

    Wtb pitbike frame

    I realized in my best trail bike thread, im asking alot of the Bikes, And I really need a pit bike for the dirt trails and that, so im looking fir a frame too throw a lifan clone in, I bought it from TRK before he left, it's a 110 4 or 5 speed lol, so pm if you have anything, I'm not intreste in...
  13. 5horsebriggs

    Clone 110 in xr80

    Would a clone 110, 125 bolt up to an xr80 frame? Bought a 110 from TRK some time Back and need something to put it in
  14. 5horsebriggs

    Jetting question

    On my Azusa I have a pipe and filter and its recommended to jet when I do this, the bike rev up smooth on choke when cold but when warm on run it drives nice but it's a little choppy reving up is this because of my jetting?
  15. 5horsebriggs

    thoughts on Honda crf 50

    I bought a 110cc engine of restore kid awhile Ago and have been looking for good deals on frames and found honda frames keep poping up, are the frames comfortable or do you feel smoshed on it
  16. 5horsebriggs


    What do you guys use for mirrors? I want one on my bike
  17. 5horsebriggs

    What's the best trail bike?

    whats the best trail bike in your opinon
  18. 5horsebriggs

    Mbx 20?!

    You guys see this? Motovox : MBx20. Seems pretty cool!
  19. 5horsebriggs

    What to do with half a snow blower

    I have half a snow blower with a good running tec 8.5 i have no ide ehat to do with it anything you guys have seen done with them? I have the half with the drive train,
  20. 5horsebriggs

    Kz750 carbs?

    Any one know hiw many mm carb they are or does any body have any?