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  1. WrenchDad

    Kgro Powerpro lawn tractor

    Hey Guys, I picked up a Kgro Powerpro 16hp 6 speed 42" deck (1997 made by MTD for Kmart) Does any one have one of these? My problem is: it cuts terribly uneven the Left side of the deck sits close to the ground(if Not Rubbing) at any height adjustment below six. I'm sure this can be adjusted...
  2. WrenchDad

    Wanted Throttle cable for a Sachs Saxonette 50

    I need a throttle cable for a Sachs Soxonette 50, It is on a Arctic Cat SSSCat. I believe it is the original throttle assembly also. or info on where to get one. If any one has a used one or (new) or know where to get one please let me know.
  3. WrenchDad

    Sachs Saxonette Throttle cable SSSCat

    Can anyone tell me where I can find a throttle cable for this ( part number) or get a comparable replacement. It is on a Artic Cat SSSCat
  4. WrenchDad

    Throttle replacement on an Artic Cat SSScat

    Can any one tell me how to replace the throttle cable on the Saxonnette 50 or have an exploded diagram of the carb? That has the barrel slide type throttle and I don't want to tear that apart without knowing how to do it. Also does it require a specific cable and where would I get one? any help...
  5. WrenchDad

    Head light for Artic Cat SSSCat

    Looking for an Original Head light (complete) or compatible replacement/aftermarket. Also need a kill switch.
  6. WrenchDad

    saxonette 50 question

    I asked in the two cycle section but I ask here also: Any one know what kind of oil and how much goes in the case. Also where does it go in. Thanks in advance.
  7. WrenchDad

    Sachs Saxonette oil

    Hi guys, can any of you Sachs guys tell me what kind of oil and how much goes in the case? This is the Saxonette 50 two speed on an Artic Cat SSS. Also does it go in through the bolt on the top of the case? Any help is appreciated.
  8. WrenchDad

    Coil question ,Briggs 5HP model 130202-0135

    Hi guys Currently I cant throw a spark I can feel a small current if I touch the lead while pulling but I cant get a spark to jump. I have cleaned the flywheel and bottom of the legs, I have changed the condenser ,cleaned and set the point but still nothing. I know the coil contact leg gap to...
  9. WrenchDad

    Muzzle loader gun experts

    Any Muzzle loader Builders out there that know if a InvestArms Great plains 50 cal rifle Tang will work on a Thompson Center Hawken 50 cal . One on Ebay looks the same as what I need (on the outside) but I need one that will take a hooked breech plug and I cant tell from the picture if the...
  10. WrenchDad

    Vintage lawn tractor question

    Hi guys I have a vintage International Harvester Cub Cadet 128. Can anyone or any of you tractor guys tell me what the serial number means I dont know how to disect it. thanks W/D
  11. WrenchDad

    Manco? or something else

    Hi Guys Ad say's $50 needs assembled. Is this vintage? looks like an older Manco (Plastic fenders, MX Bars) but I dont know It also looks fairly complete minus the head light.
  12. WrenchDad

    Physical size of gemini SST80 vs. SScat50

    I have a question on actual size of the Gemini SST80 vs. the SScat (saxonette 50). My soon to be 14yro son is looking to up grade to a bigger bike. Ihave the opportunity to pick up a Gemini SST 80 for $350 but if it's not bigger in size than the SScat it wont do me any good.
  13. WrenchDad

    Hunting ammo feedback request.

    Hi all My Son is going hunting for the first time next week (this was unexpected). Currently I dont have a hunting rifle that will fit him. I do have available a bolt action 410 shutgun with slugs. I already know the obvious challenges with such a small gauge but I also know under the right...
  14. WrenchDad

    Vintage or newer ?

    This is on CL near me. I wasnt sure if it was vintage but it play's the part.
  15. WrenchDad

    Antique Heathkit in the FREE section

    I almost SH*T my self when I saw this , I got so excited about the deal of a life time I didn't finish reading the title. In Pittsburgh I have a 40 year old Heathkit GR-2001 free to anyone interested in the hobby of electronics and kit building. Includes all construction manuals and...
  16. WrenchDad

    Electrician help

    Hi Guys I have an electrical (non minibike) question and I figured with 32,000 + members on this site their should be some Electricians who could help. The equipment : 1/2 hp Sand Pool filter pump Electric Motor (110 plug in start). The Back story: I was trying to open the pool for the...
  17. WrenchDad

    Vintage Hack Job

    Any one know what this is or what it started as? $100 but I don't think the engine is original and I'm not so sure about the frame mod's
  18. WrenchDad

    Bird I think?

    This looks familiar but I'm no expert. What is it?( Wren maybe ) $50 for the frame $80 with the Briggs.
  19. WrenchDad

    ARCO American Rider 2016 OldMiniBikes Build Off Vintage Open class

    Well better late than never. I didn't have all original parts to finish this last year, So I'll give it another shot.
  20. WrenchDad

    Bird Thunderbird Pittsburgh CL

    I saw this on Pittsburgh's CL It looks complete (minus the chain, one pic show's it one doesnt and clutch gaurd) and original (I dont know about the clutch brake) I think the price is a little high for this area but that is my opinion. 1979 Thunderbird HS40 mini bike all original this bike is...