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    What is this bike?

    Metal fenders make it an MB165. Its missing the metal tank. Mb 200 had plastic fenders and tank.

    How would you restore these 3/8 x 16 threads

    Maybe, maybe not. At least it is fixed and usable. It would have been difficult and expensive to save the original handle. Maybe you can find a replacement handle for it if you keep an eye out. Is it a factory Hurst shifter or an aftermarket Hurst shifter? Lots of difference in the handle...

    How would you restore these 3/8 x 16 threads

    Any luck on this yet?

    Gas tank for GX390

    That looks correct. But it's hard to compare what mine really should look like. No rush on this. I won't mess with it until the weather cools down here. It's been miserable this last month.
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    Gas tank for GX390

    If yours is an 8 horse then it will work. From what I can find the 8, 9, 11 and 13 horse Honda all interchange. I appreciate you checking on it but stay off of that leg. I am not in a hurry so when you can is plenty soon enough.

    Gas tank for GX390

    This is a used machine I bought for cheap in an auction. And the tank is crushed. It's about half its normal height. Is yours a 390? I have done a little more research and the 200 tanks won't fit from what I have found.

    Gas tank for GX390

    Thanks Mark! I don't think that will interchange with the 390 unfortunately. Can anybody confirm if this will work? Thanks

    What Tig Welder?

    So what are you welding with? (Post your set up here) |
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    What Tig Welder?

    Or if you are ultra cheap you can hook the water hose directly to the machine and let it run out in the yard instead of circulating. A friend did this with his brand new Lincoln 300 amp Tig machine he bought new in 1968 and it stayed that way until he died. That machine is sitting in my shop...
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    How would you restore these 3/8 x 16 threads

    What about an insert in the shifter ball instead of dealing with the handle?
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    Probably a good thing I quit driving the car...

    You have it backwards. Toe out for front wheel drive as the tires are pulling the car down the road. Toe out allows them to pull forward into a parallel track. Toe in for rear wheel drive as the car is pushing the front tires down the road. Toe in allows them to drag back into a parallel track.
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    Gas tank for GX390

    Just bought a pressure washer with a Honda GX390 and something fell on and crushed the tank. Anybody have one I can buy? Or a suggestion? Thanks, Doug
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    CAT Slingshot and Eliminator Re-pop sissy bars

    OR hoover over the user name to see that they were last on in March of 2017.
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    Seat Upholsterer

    @manchester1 She has done several seats for me. She does very faithful to original seats.
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    National Flag Day

    Once again National Flag Day is here. I hope everyone has a wonderful day. I would like to thank all of you that have and all of you that do serve that great flag. I missed the draft and have come to regret it deeply in my older years. This regret has led me to believe that the ending of the...
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    Cordless tool batteries help

    I am looking for help with Dewalt batteries for my 18-volt tools. Most of my batteries still work but have a severely limited run time. And some have just bit the dust. I have a bunch of Dewalt cordless tools that I use but short run times are frustrating. While looking online for batteries it...
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    Not to be outdone (Strigoi)

    How can you not love that face? Great looker. I grew up with one next door. She was a great dog. Her name was Lulu. Those big feet tell me there is a lot of growing to do.
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    Post your cars!

    I have to ask... What have you done to get the 15 X 10 Americans under the back? I ran 8 1/2'' all the way around on my 64 hard top back in the 70's. It wasn't easy, especially as low as it sat most of the time but it was way cool back in the day when everything was jacked up with air shocks...