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    West Bend Tank and mount.

    Here is the correct West Bend tank and mount..:thumbsup: Vintage Kart Gas Tank for A West Bend 700 580 510 with Original West Bend Mount | eBay
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    Lil Indian Wheels

    Here is a nice set of Lil Indian Sabre the wheels. Lil Indian Sabre 6" Wheels Pair Vintage Mini Bike | eBay
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    Looking for Tecumseh HS50

    Looking for a Tecumseh HS50.. Please let me know.:thumbsup:
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    Taco Super trail 100

    I saw this nice taco come up for sale on eBay. Taco Minibike St 100 | eBay
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    Ruttman Seat

    Here is a very nice Ruttman seat. It is the traditional silver black combo. It is in new condition with no rips or holes. It was original made by Ugly Seats. Price: $70.00 plus shipping I accept Pay Pal gift payment only.
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    Found one.......

    I finally found a correct West Bend gas tank. This will complete this motor nicely. [img][/im
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    Ruttman Roller

    I'm looking for a matching set frame and forks for a Ruttman. Please let me know if you have any leads. Thank you!
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    Kick Stand

    Here is a nice polished kick stand. It has a 5 1/4" off set. $45.00 plus shipping. Payment via Pay Pal gift only.
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    Ruttman seat

    Here is a new Ruttman seat purchased from Rob at Acme Mower. It is perfect. $70.00 plus shipping. Payment via Pay Pal gift only.
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    Ruttman washer Hot Rod

    Here the Ruttman washer that I haven't decided on a design for some time. Well, I have a theme.. Lol The motor is a 74 5hp Briggs that got off a tiller some time back. It was a good runner. The motor was rebuilt. The eye brows removed and was ported. The rod was replaced with a ARC billet...
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    Sprocket sparer length 5" taco wheel

    All, I have an early five inch Taco style aluminum wheel. I need the spacer length. This is the space between the sprocket and the rear wheel. Thanks.
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    Tecumseh air cleaner

    All, I am looking for the oval Tecumseh air cleaner complete.
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    What is this????..,

    Here's any odd little blue bike on the list?? Any ideas?
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    Caper Cycle

    After a lot of fun and enjoyment. It's time to pass my Caper Cycle on. :thumbsup: Vintage Caper Cycle Mini Bike FLEXO Rupp Bonanza Taco | eBay
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    Surprising Find???!!!

    Searching thought the Craigs List resources as we all do, you never know what you find?? Found a listing with a couple of roughly painted frames and parts bike turned out to be many??:thumbsup: So with the assistance of a couple of local mini bike nuts, we rally the troops.... My local cohorts...
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    Garage Sale Mini Bike Goods

    Below is a list of items for sale. I accept Pay Pal gift for payment. All prices listed below plus shipping. 2- used Carlisle Dbl Indian tires 4.10x3.5x4. $40.00 (pair) 1- new Kenda slick 4.10x3.5x4...
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    WTB Heathkit Boonie Rear brake

    Hello, I'm looking for the correct Heathkit Boonie rear drum brake. Please let me know? Thank you.
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    Ruttman Hot Rod

    Here is my chrome Ruttman frame that I have not had a design for.. Now I have a design.. The 5hp Briggs has been a work in progress. It was a good tiller motor that was disassembled. Head work was done including eyebrows removed, porting, values lapped, and dual racing springs installed. The...
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    Dad's build Heathkit

    Here's a Heathkit roller that I got out of Don's garage. My Dad commented a while back that it would be nice to have a bike to ride at the beach house. I remember seeing this it when Don purchased it thinking it would be a good bike. Don commented that he was going to sell it. So I grabbed...
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    Tecumseh 5 or 6hp motor

    I'm looking for a new or slightly used late model Tecumseh 5 or 6hp motor.