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  1. DaddyJohn

    Wheel Bearings, Special Sizing Question…

    Does anyone know of an inexpensive bearing option to use to mount a vintage-style wheel (with 1-3/8” center hole) to a newer-style (Chinese) mini bike with 12mm axles? Essentially, this would be a 12mm ID by 35mm OD by probably 10-11mm thick bearing, though the thickness isn’t really...
  2. DaddyJohn

    This is interesting…

    Chain guard says Ruttman, front wheel looks like Ruttman, but not sure that it is…
  3. DaddyJohn

    Rupp Continental Resto-Mod

    I got this frame a little while back for a really good price. It came with a rear wheel, plus the fenders and chain guard, which I sold to help others with their projects. I knew this was never going to be worth restoring properly, but could definitely see utility in the chassis. So, one...
  4. DaddyJohn

    Sears Roper Fender for 10” Wheels

    Sears Roper mini bike fender for 10” wheels. Chrome has some pitting as pictured, but nice solid and straight piece. $50 plus shipping from Indianapolis, payment via USPS money order. Thanks for looking!
  5. DaddyJohn

    Briggs 3.5hp Power Washer to Mini Bike Throttle Set-Up?

    I got ahold of this free 3.5hp Briggs off a Coleman power washer and want to use it on one of my economy mini bike builds. It fits the chassis perfectly, and fired on ether. I got a new OEM style Chinese carb to put on, and sure it’ll run fine at that point. Question is, how do I hook up my...
  6. DaddyJohn

    70’s Vintage Taiwan Frame Build-Up!

    I got this frame for a price that was too good to pass up, but probably not cheap enough to make this build economical, lol… Here’s a link to the “What is it?” thread, complete with pics of the bare frame as procured:
  7. DaddyJohn

    Rupp Continental or C-250 Fenders

    I’ve got a set of Rupp Continental or C-250 fenders for sale (not sure which model of those two, see pic of mini bike they came off of for reference). They have surface rusting, but are solid and usable. A little skim coat, sand, and paint should have these looking good. Front fender has one...
  8. DaddyJohn

    Interested in knowing what this is…

    Cool wheels on this one…. Anyone know what it might be?
  9. DaddyJohn

    What is this frame?

    I picked-up this frame and fork set for a pretty reasonable price, but have no clue what it might be. Anyone have any ideas?
  10. DaddyJohn

    Taylor Tecumseh Muffler

    Pretty sure this is for an H35 due to the neck-down at the flange. Look closely at the pics if you know what you’re looking for. Came off a Bird mini bike, and I’m pretty sure was original to it. $65 plus shipping USPS money order from Indianapolis. Thanks for looking!
  11. DaddyJohn

    Rupp Chopper Chain Guard

    Not the picture of perfection, but a good solid piece. Some rust as pictured, but not deep. One small crack (pictured). End has a little notch out of it, but overall very restorable. Hard to find original part…. $300 USPS money order plus ship from Indianapolis.
  12. DaddyJohn

    Clone crank in a std Predator 212?

    I’ve got a standard Predator 212 that had the crank stub break off flush with the crankcase cover, but is otherwise good. I’d love to replace the crank, but can’t seem to find them anywhere reasonable, if at all. What I’m wondering is if a clone crank might be substituted, as they are much...
  13. DaddyJohn

    RETEK Cheetah, in process…

    Here’s where I’m at with my (previously very rusty) Cheetah. I’ve blasted and painted the wheels and frame, replaced the wheel bearings and tires, welded on a new sprocket, and set the engine (1972 Tec H50 from an old Dynamark snow blower) in place. I still need to make or buy a mini bike...
  14. DaddyJohn

    Vintage Chopper What-izzit…

    Posting for a friend…. Does anyone have any idea what this vintage mini chopper might be? It doesn’t look like a Bonanza, Cat, Ruttman, etc. Had an interesting straightish bit at the rear of the frame loop by the back wheel. Obviously wrong seat, missing shocks and sissy bar…. Any ideas?
  15. DaddyJohn

    Predator 212 (non-hemi) Stock Crankshaft

    Like the title says, I need a standard crank for a non-hemi Predator 212. Mine shared off at the PTO stub...:oops:
  16. DaddyJohn

    Cat 400x Footpeg Rubbers?

    I was wondering if anyone might know the best place to get some Cat 400X footpeg rubbers, or maybe a reasonable eBay facsimile? I remember getting BSA shift rubbers for a 300TT I had, but the 400X pegs are larger in diameter, so I know those won’t work.
  17. DaddyJohn

    Not sure what this is....

    Sorry for the poor pic, but wondering if someone more knowledgeable than I could ID it? Thanks!
  18. DaddyJohn

    Cat Wheel Stars (set of 3)

    Nice set of Cat wheel stars off a 1969 300TT. $80 shipped from Indy via USPS Priority flat rate box.
  19. DaddyJohn

    Tec HS40 Steel Fuel Tank

    Not in the best of shape, but basically solid. It could be made presentable with some work. Looks to have had some goop slapped on it, possibly to seal a leak or something, but it’s not a rust disaster inside. Came off a 1970 Tecumseh HS40 that was on a Cat 400X. Think it should be worth $20...
  20. DaddyJohn

    Tecumseh 32517 Aluminum Flywheel HS40

    Comes off a 1970 Cat 400TT engine. Nice shape and includes starter cup. $70 plus shipping from Indy.