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  1. bikesisbikes

    Axle locator wear

    I saw this when I first tore down the bike and now that I have it back together, I'd like to fix it. One of the rear axle tabs, on my Trail Horse mini, has gone egg shaped, (out of round). Since the axle itself has been ground about 1/4 of the way through, in the process, I have to assume the...
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    York, a.

    Late notice, but I just saw this. Does anyone have any more info on it?
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    Now here is a bargain!{"qid":"-7725363925395533854","mf_story_key":"36563198244453968","commerce_rank_obj":"{\"target_id\":36563198244453968,\"target_type\":6,\"primary_posi...
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    Rebuild your Peerless

    Attached is a pictoral on rebuilding the Peerless differential. I hope it helps.
  5. bikesisbikes

    peerless grease

    For those of you using or looking for the Peerless Betonite grease, here is a link to the cheapest place I have found. $29.99 with free ground shipping. That's a savings of as much as $15, in some cases.
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    What is with this "ad"?

    What's up with this ad that pops up after about three or four keys, while in the site? It takes more time and effort, to get the thing off the screen, than it does to get anywhere in the site. s there a way to delete it, avoid it, or otherwise get rid of it?
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    Jack shaft

    I need an unmolested jack shaft for a Tri Sport. I would prefer the whole thing, chaft, pulley, sprocket and mount. but, I will consider anything that will work. See photo for the part and why I need a new one.
  8. bikesisbikes

    I did it again!

    I started looking for another Tri Sport, even before I finished the first one. Number two came home with me last night. This one needs a lot more than the first, but I think I can handle it.
  9. bikesisbikes

    Lug size/pattern

    Am I correct, with my measurements? Thelug pattern size, on the 5 lug Trisport rear whelel, is 5X4.5?
  10. bikesisbikes

    Issues with Rt 21 Trading

    Has anyone had any contact or delivery issues with Rt 21 Trading? I order some parts, (paypal confirmation is dated 2/8/2020), and have not received the parts or even an email explaining the delay. I have sent them two emails, one requesting their phone number, and am still waiting for a...
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    Doodlebug history

    I did a doodlebug search and did not see this. If it has been previously posted, I aplogize.
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  13. bikesisbikes

    Alsport Tri Sport

    I know a lot of you horde parts form some bikes/trikes that were beyond repair. I'm looking for the engine/roll cage for a 1974, (or so), TS. Anyone have one or have a line on one?
  14. bikesisbikes

    Dog approved!

    Took the pup along for the inspection. He was a bit cautious, at first. But, once he realized the seller was good people, he approved the purchase! :)
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    I am looking for an adult size trike. I would prefer, obviously, an operating bike, but as long as it's all there, it's not an absolute.
  16. bikesisbikes

    Wheel spacers

    What are some of the things you are using as wheel spacers? I know I can order some form OldMiniBikes, but exact size may be an issues and I really don't like paying more for shipping than the product I'm buying.
  17. bikesisbikes

    Repop fenders

    Is anyone making repop Bonnanza or Trail Horse fenders?
  18. bikesisbikes

    My Trail Horse

    I have been stripping my Trail Horse for a rebuild. This weekend is paint. No where on the bike is the words, Trail Horse. But, riveted on the front panel was this little gem. Is this possibly one that was built for JC Penney, Sears, etc.?
  19. bikesisbikes

    And so it begins

    I picked up a Predator hemi the other day and OldMiniBikes Warehouse got the good stuff to me in two days, (I live about 3 hours away). Now that I have scratched out a suitable working space in the all too crowded garage, I can get to work on it. And the color(s) will be....
  20. bikesisbikes

    Predator exhaust header

    I'm getting all the parts gathered up for my build. I like the looks of this header but would really like some advice on how well it works and sounds. Has anyone installed the particular header? How do you like it? How is the sound/volume? It appears the placement would almost dictate the use...