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    Remote gas tank/engine question.

    I have an ancient JC Penny mini bike I want to get a new engine and a cool little aluminum gas tank problem which engine can I run a remote tank? I like the 212 Predator but they come with attached tank an I'm not sure if I can just simply remove it or maybe a Predator is the wrong engine...
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    What to look for in a used Tecumseh engine for mini bike use?

    Besides completeness and mechanical issues what do I need? Seems to me the only issues I can think of are a crank that will fit the clutch and a carb that can be throttle controlled. Any suggestions?
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    KV75 going big

    Not mine wish it were
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    Predator engine question

    Predator engine from harbor frieght , what do I need to install in a 70's JC Penny mini bike frame?
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    KV75 question

    I have a KV75 the auto clutch sticks , if I drop it in gear it takes off imediately , I;m think just dissassemble clean and reassemble the clutch might correct the problem :confused:, any thoughts ?
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    Anyone familiar with these, ebay carburetors?

    I need a carb for my tiller, these are cheap and look nice but are they any good? Anyone ever buy one? Carburetor for Tecumseh Troy Bilt Horse Tillers H50 H60 HH60 632230 632272 Carb | eBay
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    Why a Jackshaft

    Why do some minibikes have a Jackshaft ?
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    For sale Kawasaki liquid cooled V twin

    I have a Kawasaki liquid cooled V twin runs good lots of power uses oil would make an awesome super build 2,100 hours on engine, 200 dollars .
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    KV75 owners

    Any KV75 owners here? I recently purchased a KV75 looking for parts and info sources, seems kinda scarce I did google also found but thats all are we that rare J/K ha ha Thanks Dog
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    What does this mean? (Site question)

    Post denied. New posts are limited by number of URLs it may contain and checked if it doesn't contain forbidden words. :confused: I attempt a reply to a thread, all words nothing else and I get the error message.....
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    New member new purchase (Pic)

    Bought this recently, its a 1975 Kawasaki KV75 one owner adult owned campground bike complete minus a rubber foot peg cover and a broken throttle cable, should run with easy , so far I cleaned tank,cleaned carb got spark next fix the throttle cable and I think it should run........ Curious...