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    need help!

    i have this rear wheel sprocket that requires a very large tooth chain , i have the chain also but i was wondering who i can tell what size front sprocket i would need? and if they even make em that big. the way it was set up before it had a 2 speed gearbox on it that the motor ran a belt to the...
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    wtb 3/4 bore pulley

    does anyone have a pulley that with fit my hf 6.5 clone? im in desperate need of one.
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    tote goat?? model?? any info will help

    i got my hands on what i think is a tote goat. just wondering if i got the real thing or what? and maybe if anyone could give me some info on what i have. on the right side of the frame the word "wheeling" is either painted or used to be a decal on the frame. the seat didnt come with the bike...
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    too much stuff. please reduce my clutter

    choke levers $1 each starter motor $15 8hp carb $10 misc mufflers $5 each 8hp and 3hp heads $5 each brake levers $2 each Magnetos $2 each 5hp Rods $5 each UFO Air cleaner $1 filter housings $5 each Recoil $5 Blower housings $10 each Seat $5 Cruiser Handle bars $10 1 gallon gas...
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    110 cc pocket bike help needed

    idk if anyone on here is familiar with the x18 or x19 pocket bikes 110 cc. but i just acquired one and its a bit of a wiring mess. i got it assuming i could just kick start it and i could have some fun. but the cdi and everything requires wiring and a battery. i have tons of wires idk if they...
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    good or bad buy????

    in the market for a new project. found this ad, curious as to whether it is a good deal or even worth purchasing?Vintage 70's Minibike Western Flyer Trail Flite SS40
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    Briggs 3horse and 5horse carb/tank FS

    both are rather dirty and havent been ran in years. pretty sure a good cleaning would do them justice. neither appear to have any rust in em. had plans off using them but need $$ 20 shipped each:thumbsup: BTW the 5hp pictured is complete fun power except for pull start and recoil, let me...
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    all of it has to go

    money is geting to tight and i almost have to temporarily give up the hobby. i very much do not want to give it up soo lets see wut i can get out of my back up stock.
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    briggs briggs briggs

    any one need anything off a 3, 5 or 8 hp briggs flathead? the 5 hp is the funpower. any questions just ask let me knw wut you want and i can price
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    clone help???

    i have a harbor freight 6.5 horse clone with a 3/4 shaft and i was wondering if anyone can tell me the bolt measurment i need to get in order to hold my clutch on the shaft. if anyone can let me knw the bolt measurments i can run down to the hardware store and get it and be out on the road =)))
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    brand new 3/4 shaft clutch and sprocket

    hilliard industries clutch. brand new never used. i was told it is high performance but i am unsure. with 12 tooth sprocket. 30 plus shipping .from spokane wa. paid 75 new one year ago. sat in a tool drawer since :doah: pm me im willing to work out deals
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    wut is this frame???

    bought it from a guy and he may have mentioned wut it is but i forgot. :oops: it used to have a scrub brake but i hated it so i grinded it off :doah: (now i regret)
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    help with performance?

    wut kind of things can be done to a 3 hp briggs flat head? i want to swueeze all i can get out of it. plz let me knw.
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    need 8hp briggs parts??

    i have an 8 hp briggs #s M-190707 T-2192-01 C-87012210. motor is complete not running. has electric start minus keyed ignition. not interested in selling as whole. so plz let me knw wut you need and wut your wanna pay+shipping. thank you. shipped from spokane wa :xmas-smiley-016:
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    first day of snow

    we had our first day of real snow in spokane this week and i couldnt resist some snow drifting. i just thru a motor on a rolling frame and went out. i didnt even have a seat lol:doah:. but it was fun and i just winterized my other bikes so i didnt wanna run them. enjoy YouTube - mini bike snow fun
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    good or bad buys??? please help

    Vintage Mountaineer Mini Bike 1970's Trail Horse Mini Bike Tote gote big minibike interested in a new toy let me know your opinions on if these are worth getting or not? :anon.sml:
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    Eliminating vibration on my bikes

    i went on a ride about an hour and a half and had the worst case of "itchy back", blured vision, and a headache ever due to the vibrations at high rpms. so i decided to come up with a way of eliminating the problem. i had a bike tire tube and a broken strap wrench laying around and the idea came...
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    my bikes

    works in progress:smile::smile::drool::drool:
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    any cadillac fans???

    cadillac are my passion, just looking to see if there are any other lovers out there??
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    disc brake caliper on sprocket, good idea??

    one of my bikes is "brakeless" i was looking around one day for ideas on making it have brakes and ran into the idea of mounting a brake caliper and using the srocket as the disc, any opinions???