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    1st one of these that I have seen.
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    Did I see that OldMiniBikes was a sponsor of a bots on Battle Bots ? If so that's cool.
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    Could it be new ?
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    Needs a home
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    Been a while.

    What's going on here ? Everybody is getting excited about Coleman's and Baja's . What happen to the Cat's, Rupp's and Trail Rams ?:scooter::scooter::scooter::scooter:
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    Air Filter Assembly for Motovox MBX10

    I threw some of the air fliters assembly away a month ago because I said I was done with them and two more Motovox mbx10 showed up in my shop. And I two grandkids that don't have one yet. Does any body have one with filter ? Air Filter Assembly for Motovox MBX10 ???? Thanks
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    Get your check book out !!!
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    Again, i know what it is , but what is wrong on it ?
  10. Fatboy04

    I know what it is, but whats is wrong on it ?
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    plugging a tire

    Anybody have any luck plugging this type of tire, or maybe sliming them ?
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    Not a mini bike, but a deal!!! :thumbsup:
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    ad say's trail king ????? Not sure !
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    Better photos would help :thumbsup:
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    No a mini bike, but I Just had to have them,

    They are just way cool, :scooter::scooter: Ok Not a mini bike
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    Besides a mess, What do we have here ?

    What do you think ?
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    What is it ?

    Found this one , working on picking it up. What do we have for sure ?
  18. Fatboy04

    What is it ?

    What do we have here ? Thanks in advance
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    Did any of the older Bonanza have two sets of foot pegs ? A set up on the down tubes and a set midway back. Thanks THANKS
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    Home made ???????? If not I'm going for it thru my broker.