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  1. Fatboy04

    Can someone please tell me what this is?

    I'm going with home made.
  2. Fatboy04

    I have no idea on this one?

    Send it to I74. He's got the electric stuff down to a science.
  3. Fatboy04

  4. Fatboy04

    what can i do to make my bike look better.

    Modified fenders make them stand out
  5. Fatboy04

    1st one of these that I have seen.
  6. Fatboy04


    Did I see that OldMiniBikes was a sponsor of a bots on Battle Bots ? If so that's cool.
  7. Fatboy04

    Got a new electric Go Kart ''winter'' project idea rolling around in my head.

    You did an electric minibike also didn't you ?
  8. Fatboy04

    ANTIQUE 1940'S OR 1950's mini bike

    Homemade would be my guess
  9. Fatboy04

    Modded the MM-80 some more, & Just couldn't part with the LIfan 152f-3 80 cc engine yet.

    Cool , sent you a text about a mounting plate
  10. Fatboy04

    Could it be new ?
  11. Fatboy04

    Needs a home

  12. Fatboy04

    I'm back!

  13. Fatboy04

    Needs a home
  14. Fatboy04

    I'm back!

    Thought you were out of it or I would have contacted you about this one
  15. Fatboy04


    Same here !
  16. Fatboy04

    Fox Mini Bike Frame

    Love it Ole !!
  17. Fatboy04

    Been a while.

    What no jeep2004 ????? in the build off
  18. Fatboy04

    Been a while.

    I think I need to pass, slowing down. I have bought and sold 63 mini bikes since 2013. And I hate say it all I have left are 5 monster motos for the grandkids. And they have outgrown them.
  19. Fatboy04

    Been a while.

    What's going on here ? Everybody is getting excited about Coleman's and Baja's . What happen to the Cat's, Rupp's and Trail Rams ?:scooter::scooter::scooter::scooter:
  20. Fatboy04

    Air Filter Assembly for Motovox MBX10

    Thanks for looking